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  1. motortouring

    Exan rear

    I bought a set last september. I enquired through the exan contactform, but was connected to Sergio greppi in Mandello. That worked fine for me. 550euro. With the strong dollar, a good opportunity. I would send a message to Exan or Sergio Greppi. There is a change in the law for Noise levels in the EU. Maybe this is a reason that the exhaust are currently not on the list. The Exan mufflers are homologated for a wide range of motorcycles.
  2. Over here in the Netherlands (and other EU-countries) a bike can be produced in 2001 and then be for sale for some years. The dealer can register the bike when sold. So if this takes until 2005, that will be the first registration date in the papers of the bike. I have a bike that was used as press-demo at the factory (so they say at least). Production was 2001 and registration in 2005, leaving the factory directly to a new owner.
  3. And what is the last part of your framenummer? 3M111xxx?
  4. Here the side cover of my V11 Sport. Production year 2001. (I dive into the month later this day)
  5. Is that the best way to identify the different versions?
  6. There is one from a used parts company in NL. https://www.boonstraparts.com/nl/onderdeel/moto-guzzi-v11-1100-le-mans-2002-2006-voorvork-2002/000001072889 Maybe they ship to Costa Rica :-)
  7. Always a tricky topic but I wanted to share this interesting test report from Utac Ceram. A rather top end automotive technical service and independent/inpartial under ISO 17025 accreditation (I am not sure if this test was done under the accreditation). https://grippingstories.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/210428_BRIDGESTONE-test-report-Motorcycle-tyre-comparison-V2_ENG2_sub.pdf
  8. They give it a nice upswept look. 👍🏼
  9. @Kostarika, Did these EXANs come with the special mounts/footrests?
  10. I also fell for the color. More or less the first time in my life that I was attracted by a color. @LaGrastaI'm sure you make that bike run like it was new again.
  11. I also used vaseline. Lately it was not really necessary so no recent experience. I do have a nice anekdote on this however. I had done the righthand switches of my LM2 before going to Mandello a few decades ago. All worked fine and I parked the guzzi outside Il Giardinetto (it was a hotel back in those days) on the side where the ramp to the lake was. Two days later we were about to return home and everything was packed. I pushed the starter and nothing happened. Kill switch was in RUN, so I pushed again and smoke and a smell of burn came out of the switch. Immediately after a large bunch of ants were evacuating the switch. Be carefull with vaseline in your switches when parking in Mandello next to Il Giardinetto. There are vaseline eating ants.
  12. I like to thank all of you for your responses, sharing experiences and urge to rational methods. Very helpful and when it is about engines (particularly Guzzi), I just love to read it.
  13. @Lucky PhilI didn't mean to have the all covering solution to potential oil pressure problems :-). The methodology is flawed (and then you put it mildly), but so are a lot of methods. When running a test-center back in the past, the accreditation counsel always joked that at the end every sensor is temperature sensor, suggesting that temperature should always in the equation for correction. An incorrect pressure release valve is difficult to find with cold oil (in the workshop). A short blink of the LOP-light in a corner at low revs and the lack of delay in LOP light gave my workshop immediately the hint to first check the valve. I must say, I had never even heard or thought that the valve could be calibrated. Unfortunately, I had driven it to long at low pressure, so harm was done to the bearings of the crankshaft. But I will order a new pressure sensor for the V11 '99. They turn out to be less than 10 Euro :-).
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