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  1. I see a list of important words 😅 Let s not forget Hamburger.
  2. For some reason I always feel a lot of sympathy for Rory Gallagher.
  3. Oh, I was talking about Mark Knopfler in the Dire Straights clip.
  4. You can always ask what you want. Buyers might do a lower bid.
  5. Ooh, I didn't know. I was not at that small festival due to other appointments, but I saw the list of bands and this song was a teaser.
  6. Last October https://irisdement.com/home https://irisdement.com/event/5109832/639525862/ramblin-roots-festival Yes, not very recent, but not so long ago.
  7. This is why I dont ride with music. I would simply stop braking for corners. 🙈🙈
  8. Ha, they visited the Netherlands, recently. Very funny song. "DRINKS HIS BEER LIKE ITS OXYGEN"
  9. I am not sure, I will try and find a spec, but I thought the minimum voltage was often a problem. If I look at the wiring diagram, then I would say that the direct battery connection is part of the solution. Edit: It should be 14.0-14.6Volt https://sunonbattery.com/properly-charge-lifepo4-battery/ 12,6-14.4V is the voltage that I measure. And I use a not-so-accurate digital voltage meter/USB charger. But that is nice to see if the voltage is stable. But as said, I plan to go to the LiFePO4 but the cheap Yuasa is for the moment good enough.
  10. I have used the same and also had a good experience up till now https://www.carmo.nl/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=4318_1086&products_id=616 (Dutch supplier of the same, but delivery in one day. I needed that) The one I have is slightly different since it has wires directly on the regulator. This made mounting very easy. The small wiring diagram in the link explains how to connect. This regulator has an overheating protection and a shortcut protection. The output voltage fits also to LiFePO4 batteries. I mounted it at the same bracket as the original regulator. You need to drill some extra holes.
  11. I don't have experience with Lithium batteries yet, but I did buy a new regulator that is also prepared for Lithium (LiFePo) batteries. It is from a supplier in the Netherlands, because I wanted it fast, but the same product can be bought elsewhere. https://www.carmo.nl/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=4318_1086&products_id=616 The connection can be directly on the battery. It has internal protection against heat and shortcuts. Mechanically, it does not fit exactly. You have to drill a few extra holes in the bracket. It looks like this one is very much the same as the Shendengan of Guzzler.
  12. @docc the 25% sag, how much is this in mm on the shock absorber? .. Approx.
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