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  1. Beautiful. That thing took a lot of $$$$$ and time to build. And the time sourcing the parts??? I wish...
  2. They were pretty pricy. I know the models like the Scura, Rosso Mandello and the Tenni ranged from $13,500 to $15,000. In 02.. The standards were around $10k. Pricy for the early 2000s when a Yamaha R1 at the time was around $9-$10k. I remember wanting a Tenni in my 20s. Found a used one in a shop in Jersey.....In 06....For $12k. Only waited 10 more years to find a Scura..lol https://www.cycleworld.com/moto-guzzi-v11-cafe-style-review-best-used-motorcycle/
  3. This is motoporn! Beautiful V11s. CLEAN!!!!
  4. I've had this.... few things trying before you go crazy and ripping stuff apart: What gas you using? If you're not using Super, that can be it. I know. It's silly. But even I tried using 89. It'll be fine for about a tank or two, but eventually, your bike will cough. When was the last time you got the throttlebodies synched? Yeah, yeah.. I know... Your throttlebody cups too loose? Too tight? Cracked? Been there. I had a crack in one of mine you couldn't see when the bike was off. But when idling, I saw it. $25-$30 at MG Cycles. Change and synch the throttlebodies. It looks like you hit most of the common things. Plugs, checking the rubbers, etc. I'm sure it's simple. Could be dirty throttlebodies. I ran fuel cleaner which has worked. But you gotta burn that tank up on the freeway or something. You don't want that fuel cleaner sitting in the tank. I ran it 80-90miles which seemed to do the job and then topped off the tank to dilute the detergent. I can already see the veteran readers here facepalming.... Hey, it worked.. But a big silly one is the gas. Don't try using 89 octane. Run super. It'll make these bikes cough like unbalanced throttlebodies or bad plugs.
  5. It's not that I can tell WHEN. It's just WHEN they tend to crack. That's where mine started. Anyone whose had to change their flywheel had to around 25k miles/40k km. Consider it anecdotal. But it's been consistent. And that grinding sound when you rev the motor in neutral at high rpm? Anecdotal? You catching yours when you changed the clutch without the symptoms may be you got lucky. I've never seen one explode, but I've seen the pics of shards of crankcase.. Not good at all. But as I've said, these performance flywheels were put in for performance, not longevity. Likely, something nice to put in the moto magazines: "Look! A racing flywheel!!" It's why my Scura has become my special occasion bike. Keep it clean and look pretty cruising.
  6. The "Explodamatic Single Plate" thing shouldn't be a worry until around 25-30k miles. My Scura was an exception at 23k since the guy who had it used it on the track. But it's not that it's a bad flywheel. It's a really good flywheel. But it's a RACING lightweight flywheel and not designed for performance, not longevity. There are guys here with the dual plates with 100k+. But with any of these performance flywheels, it's something to be aware of. Changing that flywheel is no picnic. In fact, it sucks. But the photo above is how it starts. I'm prety sure the flywheel that was pulled out of my Scura started cracking in the same spot. But the bike will give plenty warning. You can hear it and feel it. And apparently, you can't just swap for a dual plate. At least that's what I was told.
  7. Speaking of unicorns, I unintentionally found this gem on.....Cycletrader?!!! 2002 V11 TENNI. 10K MILES. $8250. My guess firm being its rarity and that people are getting tax checks at the moment. This is the cleanest I've seen. If it's real. Did they make these on 02? I thought it was 01. Scuras were the rare dogs of 02 for certain. But it's worth a call if you want one. https://www.cycletrader.com/listing/2002-Moto+Guzzi-V11-5031316151
  8. Man, if I didn't already have a LeMans... That is beautiful.
  9. Not just abrasion, but heat dissipation. I had a wreck with gloves on where the leather prevented ripping off the skin. However, that leather heated up from the friction where it literally melted the skin on my palms. And these were kevlar lined. Could have been far worse.
  10. As a guy whose had a brief track record of being a walking talking motorcycle crash test dummy, I will vouch that the armor used in jackets works. I should probably be dead or at least crippled. Why am I not? Helmets and body armor. I though those Dianese titanium shoulder guards were a gimmick.. I thought that till I highsided with a 900lbs Triumph Rocket. Not just did that helmet work by protecting my head as I proceded to land on a street like a lawn dart, but them foam guards in the forearms and shoulders buffered the impact by preventing my left forearm and shoulder from shattering like a ceramic vase and that titanium shoulder absorbed impact and protected me as I slid about 70ft. I walked away with a C6-C7 ruptured disc and a torn labrum in the shoulder. Not bad, right? Believe what you want. We are adults. I'll grab a helmet, gloves and a jacket. Y'all wanna hear my glove rant???? Got pics in my phone for that one..
  11. You can try a slightly shorter LED headlight. Same voltage, just a shorter size. With mine, that reflector piece shook off and was pulled out, making my install easier. The problem with that is that the assembly doesn't project the light in a given direction with the high beam on. Low bean is fine. Both bright, but with high beam, it just goes everywhere.. I'm in the process of swapping all of my lighting to LED. My turn signals have been a challenge. I've bought adjustable relays, cleaned switches, etc.. I'm suspecting a prior owner spliced an LED relay somewhere. Likely to either not having access to the right relay or was just being cheap when he installed these cheapo LED turn signals. I can't find the culprit or have the intensive time due to my work schedule, so she'll be heading to the shop soon.
  12. Those, Rosso Mandellos, Scuras and the other numbered bikes have gotten VERY rare. Many are just gone. The clean ones owned by a Guzzi hoarder will cost a testicle. It took me 12 years to find a Scura. And that baby was dropped and has some type of electrical gremlin I'm addessing from years ago. Likly from a halfass splice somewhere to install LED signals. Petty for an old bike, but there. Replacing the rectifier next week (dang, I should move this to the tech section). I'll keep an eye open for ya. But chances are it'll have an issue or two. If you're looking for "super clean", I know a spot in Mandello Del Lario that has one. I think it's the Guzzi museum? There only 160 or 170 Tenni models made. 300 Rosso Mandellos. 600 Scuras were made and those are unicorns. I only know these trivial numbers from drooling over these as a broke guy in my 20s back in the day.
  13. I knew that bike looked familiar. I remember when you got it. Sadly, I haven't seen this baby on the street, being in Tucson. But soon, I'll be representing the V11s in Southern Arizona getting my Scura back on the road. Man, something about these bikes. That "chug." Been riding my CB1100 and my Valkyrie lately. Total opposites of a V11. But the Scura now lives again. I'll be sure to post up the first ride out of hiatus.
  14. These "transition" bikes were some of the sexiest. Cool colors, all the "good parts" , etc. I always loved the purple one. Also that light green. Gotta love the Euro bikes at this time with their parts bin transition bikes.
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