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  1. I think I'd be happy to get $6k for my '03 Lemans with 13k miles on it and it has a working odometer. Any takers??!!
  2. Figures! I'll have to get off my wallet again seeing as the Vintage brand fits ok with the plastic bucket on the V11 Lemans.
  3. My LED headlight bulb experiences with the V11 Lemans.... 1st LED was a few millimeters too long on the backside and caused an interference fit with the back of the bucket so, that didn't work. 2nd LED was the same overall dimensions as the oem H4, it fit, it worked fine with the inside shield. However, the LED was an "off brand" for about $15, it only lasted a few weeks. I reinstalled the original bulb. I'll probably get back to installing a "good" quality LED headlight bulb one of these days. I liked the lower current draw on the electrical system with the LED in place.
  4. FWIW....Tennessee annual purchase date registration is a pita imho, I would definitely get in trouble. However, I like the registration game Ohio has the same 25 yo "historical" tag option with conditions and requires renewal every 50 years....yeah, 50 years. With all the junk I have the historical option saves me alot in annual registration fees. Further, Ohio allows owners to replate vehicles with tags from that era. My '71 cb350 has a plate that was "minted" in '71...yellow with black lettering, the '72 cl350 & Eldo have plates stamped out in '72...they're dark blue with yellow lettering. It's kinda neat running around on an old bike with a plate that was stamped out in the same year the bike was manufactured. One of my riding buds, who has an old Eldo too teases me that his Eldo is original, whereas mine is not because I did the gen to alternator conversion. My response is that my bike has the original plate that was issued to the bike in '72, so there! I had bought the bike from the original owner and he managed to save & include the plate with the bike purchase. Although my friend got his Eldo from his dad, his originally issued registration plate is long gone. We have fun goofing on each other over stupid stuff...obviously, I guess. On another note, I have a 4' x 8' 1500lb gvwr trailer I bought new in '90 for $400, I use it two or three times a year. In the 33 years of ownership it has cost me over $1200 in registration fees.
  5. Me too....it wasn't the "high cam/cold start assembly" though, it was a commonly available chrome plated rusty friction type piece of 5#it.
  6. My Wing has cc, it really comes in handy on long stretches of interstate when going out for 2-3 weeks. The MG v85tt has peaked my interest since I'm looking to downsize from the wing and also replace my wee Strom the was totalled last May, the v85 has cc. The v85 is also a lot less $$$ than other bikes with cc (bmw gs, honda africa twin, suzi Vstrom1050, etc.). And, my arthritic right wrist likes th ebenefits of cc too.
  7. I'm glad Ohio has it annually, registrations expire on the owners birthday, the state sends out notifications about 6 weeks before expiration. These days the state allows us to register for a two year period instead of one...our choice but there's no break in fees... a two year is twice as much. If you buy mid year the registration fee is prorated. If you sell and buy something else, the transfer fee is minimal. If you sell and don't replace the registration fee is non-refundable. Registrations can be had at the "Registrars" office or online....online is super convenient especially if you've got multiple vehicles. They'll take a check, cash or card at the office but a card will be an additional 3%. Online they take a check routing number or cc but a cc will cost an additional 3%.
  8. Hi, I pull the pan on my V11 Lemans when replacing the filter. The original owner put a hose clamp on the filter to keep it from working itself loose so I kept up with the technique. With the hose clamp the filter can't be removed through the filter port in the pan. Plus, I think he may have boogered up the filter cover threads or pan threads...I've not attempted to remove round port cover. I also use a hose clamp on the filter of my LMIV & Eldo. My experience has been that the rubber oil filter base gasket looses tension between filter changes. The hose clamp keeps the filter from rotating loose as the base gasket tension diminishes. As long as the filter doesn't rotate theres a good chance oil pressure won't diminish to critical low levels. My personal experiences with my older MG's has been that the filter is nowhere near as tight when I go to remove it as it was when I installed it. However, since I replace the filter every 2nd oil change maybe the base gaskets have improved over the years and it will be different once I exhaust my current filter inventory. IDK. Art
  9. Hey, I see an SE in there, good for ya!
  10. Sitting here in my recliner.........Maybe a weak ground connection??!! You could try grounding the horns separately to see if the condition changes to where it doesnt effect the tach function. idk. I'm sure someone will be along soon to offer other ideas/fixes. Art
  11. I posted this after some members were wondering what ecm model was in their bike because the ID tag was no longer visable. Kevin T stated that it can be found with Guzzidiag so, I posted a GD snapshot of my Lemans. ECM type can be seen in the lower left corner. Art
  12. I'm running the DAS Mototecs, have them as far aft and up as they'll go without hose replacement & wiring mods. I wouldn't mind trying the Verlicci style set up to see if I can last more than an hour between stops to let blood flow back into my groin area/stave off numbness. Right out of the gate with Verlicci style clips i'd get longer hoses and get with greg bender to fab up some plug n play extension harnesses so I wouldn't have to cobble the oe wiring. Yeah, I;ve given it some thought but so far haven't taken any action. What I don't like about the Mototecs is they require the forks raised up about 10mm higher into the top clamp vs stock set up. So, I'm sitting up slightly higher but have to crane my neck to get my head up that much further to see down the road because of the change in geometry by moving the forks up higher into the top clamp. However, imo, the Mototecs are excellent quality. Oh well. Art
  13. Yeah, these new electric impacts are pretty impressive and getting smaller & less expensive as time goes on. I've got an ancient (bought it in '74, to remove wheel lugnuts on my '67 XR7 to do a brake job in the apartment building parking lot) Crapsman electric that's huge, about the only place I can use it where it's size is not a problem is for wheel lug nuts. Now that I think about it, I can't remember the last time I used the electric, I just fire up the comressor and use the air gun but there could be a battery powered impact in my future...idk. Rydfly, your rotor fin mishap makes me sick, sorry for your loss, hopefully a good used inexpensively priced rotor is readily available. Art
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