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  1. LowRyter you hit the nail on the head. I have a slow leak from somewhere on the tranny and the window would be nice to make sure that the level has never gotten to low. The leak appears to be very slow, but bothersome and needs to be addressed. It's starting to warm up in the garage and there is a list of items to address including tune up. I was on a longish trip two weeks ago and I noticed that my speedometer was rattling around in the housing. As it it turns out the two screws in the back had fallen out. Luckily not a difficult fix, but I did observe that one of the previous owners had munged up the shaft where the odometer reset knob attaches. Not sure how I'll get the reset knob off in the future.
  2. My transmission oil level window is covered in what looks like crusted pink Shockproof. It's covered to the point that I cannot see the fluid inside. It was like this upon receiving the bike a couple years ago. I replaced the fluid hoping that the new fluid would dissolve the crust, but no it didn't. Has anyone had success removing the window to clean it? The reason I ask is with my luck when I go to break the nut loose, the window will break. Paul
  3. Hi Chuck, Rosie has been running great! I have decided to use the moose racing universal stainless repack kit to repack the cans with. I have been waiting a week for the kit, hope is arrives soon.
  4. That link was my inspiration to tackle this.
  5. What I noticed about the packing was that it is dense and oval. Seems like it is adding support to the thin shell. The 2 stroke exhaust I have repacked in the past was always round and straight forward.
  6. Has anyone repacked their Ti mufflers? Mine had some dents, so I decided to open them up and work out the dents. Once open, I observed that the packing was unique and burned at one end to the point that replacement is necessary. Can anyone direct me to a source of new packing for these oval cans? Paul
  7. Hi Chuck, Please add me to the list.
  8. Great day for riding on Peak to Peak highway
  9. Hi gstallons, One of the local guys picked it up.
  10. I have an air filter for anyone that wants it. I would prefer someone in Colorado to avoid shipping, but shipping is an option. Paul
  11. Thanks Kiwi_Roy for the suggestion. I followed your write up on tightening up the relay block female disconnects. Relays now fit snug. I ran the bike yesterday, and it ran without fault. However, the outside air temp was only around 85. The failure only seemed to occur when the outside air temp was above 90+. If the problem does come back, I'll try what you just recommended.
  12. Hi docc, Mikko I have both relays 1A7T and 1C7T. It's possible that the heat generated by#5 affected #4. I ordered the DeoxIT. Should have it in a day or two. I hope to be able to work on it this weekend.
  13. Hi Chuck, Thank you for stating this and making me do some research. Sure enough, Omron has a statement about this in section 3.3. I will now be cleaning the grease off the contacts as well. http://www.ia.omron.com/product/cautions/36/safety_precautions.html
  14. Thank you all for your recommendations. When I replaced the two relays, I used CRC Electronics Cleaner on the socket and terminals as well as smeared dielectric grease on the terminals. Mikko, It appeared to me that both #4 and #5 were getting hot. It seemed that by process of elimination, relay #4 was the culprit. I will look for the pump ground to eliminate that possibility as well. MartyNZ, that link is what I needed. I'm thinking the female spade connectors must have relaxed and need to be tightened up.
  15. Hi, I have a new to me 2003 Lemans that just last week experienced a relay failure. Heading home after work, it was about 98 degF traveling about 80mph and the bike started cutting out, bucking pretty bad. I managed to make it home, about another ten miles. I had just purchased a tank of gas and suspected that I kicked up something in the bottom of the tank that was causing the intermittent cutout. Pulled the pump and filter, replacing the filter. Nope, that wasn’t it. The bike would still cut out. By pure luck I noticed that relays #4 and #5 were very hot. The prior bike owner provided me with several new Omron G8HE-1A7T-R1-DC12 relays. Sure as shit, replacing relay #4 and contact grease solved the problem. The problem is that today on my way home from work in 85 degree weather the new relay failed. At lunch I had put 70 miles on the bike in and around boulder canyon. Bike ran flawlessly. Air temp was about 80deg. I tested the old relay and it tests fine 83Ohm coil, and 0.1 Ohm contact resistance? So, what is the root cause of the relay failure? Is it the female spade connector losing its spring when hot? Oxidation on the blade? The old relay even when the bike had cooled down still failed in slot #4. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Paul
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