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  1. ^^^^ Pro Grips gel and lead shot plus Napoleons is what I had on the Mighty Scura. Worked pretty well, but yes you could feel a little ticking from that V twin. That's a good thing.
  2. As far as I know, Al.. none have failed. They shouldn't, of course. They are well into the "safe travel" area.
  3. The latest batch went out today. I'd recommend boiling the package for 15 minutes.. I'm still testing positive after 10 days.. Sheesh.
  4. Sorry, Mick..I came down with covid symptoms, and was cast into the basement with no computer. For what ever reason, My ancient tablet doesn't play well with the forum. Checked on the phone and I have a p m from you and bing bong. As soon as the dungeon mistress removes the leg iron's I'll get right on it..Hopefully this week. (!)
  5. Okay, Mick.. I'm back. Dead Scura fixed. Lucky Phil Extender on my desk as I type. PM me your mailing address, and it will be headed your way shortly.
  6. Back home again in Indiana.. wrote a song about it.. and can type again. For whatever reason, neither my Android tablet nor Kindle Fire would let me post on this site. They call me Rain man out in SoCal. Every time I come out it rains so I can't ride in the mountains because of the rock and mud slides. Sooooo, I called in a "historic" Pineapple Express *and* Bomb cyclone shortly after I took this picture. My job there was done.
  7. Mark changed out the ignition switch and harness After I told him that was the first place to look. It quit Blowing the fuse after that. Talking into the phone..
  8. Ten gauge might be a bit much..
  9. That was another issue entirely.
  10. Got it. When I arrived today, he said the turn signal fuse would blow after riding a bit. Hit all the connections involved with DeOxit. Looked at wiring we could see,of course. No Joy. Mark said he was done for the day, but I already was cutting cable ties off. In just a couple of minutes, I said, looky here. Where the wiring went to the flasher, there was one bare strand of copper that was chafed and touching the frame. I've always said that electrical issues are easy to fix..you just need to find out what needs fixing..
  11. Yeah I have one, Mick. I'm in Socal playing with the MZ,though. It will be January before I can get it to you..
  12. Just had a call from Mark and he said the forth fuse toward the rear has blown. Any known issue with that?
  13. I'm in Socal, and Mark has a Scura on his hands that will run normally for a while, then suddenly die. No lights, nothing. I told him to clean up the ground at the transmission and have a look at the ignition switch. He's replaced the relays and cleaned up the fuses. It has been over charging and I had him install a new regulator and dedicated ground. Fixed that. Odyssey battery. Could the over charge have done something weird to the battery?
  14. The roach clips are used to mellow you out after a long period of frustration..
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