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  1. On airplanes, the cylinder needing checked is put at TDC compression stroke. The prop is dangerous and is held tightly before turning on the air. The regulator sets the first gauge at 80 psi, and the second gauge shows the leakage. The prop then can be turned back and forth a degree or so to get the highest reading. A normal cylinder will be 75 psi or above. I don't get terribly concerned until it reads 70 or under. This will show leakage from rings at the crankcase breather, intake valves at the carb, or exhaust valves at the (wait for it) exhaust stack. It won't tell anything about valve guides, but since it is at TDC you can feel how much clearance there is by wiggling them around. Edit: I would put an on/off valve on the hose to the cylinder on the pictured rig. It makes things simpler.
  2. I would think that if there was *no* oil, maybe 50 miles or so would Donald Duck it. If there was some.. maybe you have dodged a pretty big bullet, but there also might just be some pretty blue gears/shafts. There's really no reason for no oil unless someone forgot to fill it. Most likely is the linkage is not adjusted properly as mentioned above for the shifting problem..
  3. Docc, from the look of those plugs, I would do a leak down..just to have an idea of general condition of the rings/valves.
  4. That is one of my favorite parts of the country. I *love* Beartooth, but have only done it in late July and early August. Cody to Chief Joseph to Beartooth down to Red Lodge, than back up to Yellowstone is one of my most memorable rides.
  5. Quite a bit easier and didn't have to (cough cough) buy a vacuum pump and gauges. (Guzzi content)
  6. I just coiled the excess behind the evaporator. A hivac guy I know says that is actually a good thing.
  7. Nope, the lines are pre charged and have special fittings to keep them sealed until everything is hooked up. True plug and play.
  8. The lines were pre charged on mine.. so I didn't even need a vacuum pump, etc.
  9. After years of Dorcia telling me that the 220V resistance heater in the Guzzi Garage (tm) was too expensive to run in the Winter so I turned it off I installed a small mini split. She says she doesn't notice the electric bill going up in the Winter, and now the bikes have air conditioning as a bonus. I'm a fan.. When the ancient (naturally) heat pump/gas backup in the shop bites the dust, I'll put one out there, too.
  10. Chuck

    ECU talk

    Of course I'm a cheap Guzzi Guy (tm) but for that kind of money, I'd learn to love the sound of the stock exhaust until Guzzidiag cracks the code. (shrug)
  11. I'm baaaack. I've been in SoCal playing motorcycle visiting kids/grand kids. there is more than one way to get above the clouds. No, I didn't look at the video. I never look at airplane crash videos, motorcycle crash videos, etc. I *assume* she was clueless. There are some people that should never take up hobbies/occupations that can kill ya. "Flying itself is not particularly dangerous.. but it is terribly intolerant of any carelessness or incapacity. " "Fly the airplane, Chuck. Don't let it fly you.." has stuck with me over all these years, along with "see those trees at the end of the runway? If you have an engine out at the worst possible time, you'd better hit them under control. Trying to stretch your glide will get you killed." Thanks, Tommy. You've saved my bacon a couple of times over the years..
  12. Uhh, yeah. Titanium is another thing entirely to cut.
  13. I had one. Close second place.
  14. As far as sound goes, A V11 with titaniums is the finest sounding motorbike in the world. Case closed. I had a serious case of seller's remorse listening to Rosie leaving the driveway.
  15. I had to return a Shark a few years ago. *Really* nice helmet, well made, but was noisy on Rosie the Rosso. It was ok on the AeroLario, though. Aerodynamics are a funny thing. Yes, I was wearing ear plugs.
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