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  1. I've never been a fan, but I needed a light weight at all costs battery for my little homebuilt airplane. Did the research and found one about the right size and cranking amps. It weighs practically nothing. Since I needed it to mount it and leave room for all the other things on the firewall, I bought it first. From the time I bought it until first start was about a year and a half. Cranked right up.
  2. One of the best touring bikes Guzzi ever built..
  3. Of course, there is a special tool.. but. What you need to do is (somehow) machine a cavity that the ring fits snugly into. I did it on the cnc mill, but a lathe or template with router, etc. would do it too. Once fit into the cavity, take something like a tack puller and "carefully" work around the crimp, picking it up a little and moving around the bezel several times until the instrument can come out. Reinstalling is putting the assembly back into the cavity and taking a flat punch and "carefully" tapping the bezel inward. When moving metal like this, a hundred small pecks is considerably better than one big one..
  4. Thanks, Mick.. I have a remote mic that may alleviate much of the issues. I'm still very early in the flight test stage because of the weather, and taking a video has been low on my priorities. When the audio was unusable I downloaded Openshot and (mostly) turned down the audio except on the last few frames. Sorry for the thread drift, Docc..
  5. It can. Only one is right, though.
  6. Yeah, it was a gorgeous evening. The wind had been blowing all day, and calmed down right before sunset. I'm still very early in the flight test stages, but found out "Bullet" was in trim in roll and yaw on this flight. I've always said I'd rather be lucky than good..
  7. Oh, forgot my excuse for not coming. Grandson Max is coming in from Iowa State to visit for a few days and leave his truck here for the summer before flying back to Socal. The planets just didn't align, and no dog could get them lined up.
  8. Crappy video of a flight around the pattern right before sunset. Had to turn the sound down because of the wind noise so you can't hear the little Verner run. Pay no attention to the growling of a dragging brake. The weather has been shall we say unconducive for flight testing and learning how to use the cheapie video cam..
  9. He got to you just in time. I was just going to mention I had two.. one for a V11S, and another for a Quota.
  10. Thinking about it. I'd have to bring my sweetie though, so I'd have to put the AeroLario in the van.. All the ducks haven't lined up, yet.
  11. Pay no attention. That was no doubt cut and pasted (using real scissors and paste) from the early spineys that didn't have grease zerks.
  12. Yeah, me too. Back in the day I crashed countless times running enduros. Most of the time I could throw the bike away. I have visions of a top box hitting me in the ass and taking me to the scene of the crash.
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