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  1. Tire pressures? Cold tires due to temps dropping?
  2. Now this is too funny! Absolutely mimics some of my recent activities! I have now added not only US Ebay, but also Canada Ebay to my recent list of providers (for the Griso I might add, but anyway). Both MG and Harpers have been great to work with...sometimes there are lags in getting items shipped due to worldwide supply chain issues, but they eventually show up. I was pleasantly surprised however the other day to get a couple of items within a day or two of having placed the order... Stein-Dinse has the most amazing shipping speed of any vendor, honestly they must have their own planes with door to door delivery service...it's that fast!
  3. Plus one here...excellent news.
  4. Hello @p6x…still out there! All Ok? Today I completed the required 25 stops to earn the patch for the 2022 tour! It’s been spectacular riding weather these last two weeks so I was able to get a little time off work and knock off many stops! I had previously covered Navasota (with you as well), Texas Sidecar in Donie (I missed getting Lone Star rider at that event!!), Camp Hearne, Lufkin, Terrell, Paris (3 stops), Gladewater (3 stops) and in the last 2 weekends covered Cuero, Buda (Creedmor), stop for BBQ in Lockhart with Galveston Dave, Burnet, Llano, San Saba, Brady, Mason, (Luckenbach…unofficial stop!), Center point, Bandera, Alamo BMW San Antonio, Johnson City, Texas City, Bolivar and Red Roof! What a fun tour!! Will see if I can get Beaumont next weekend! I'm not sure I'll have the time before mid November to make it down to South Padre or the valley, would like to try to get 30 stops, no way this year to get the full 50 however.
  5. hi Paul...I'll take it! What other goodies have you got for the Griso...I have to get the mudder installed next weekend! Thanks again! Paul
  6. Or keep in the tent at night when camping if you don’t want to find a nearby tree!! 😀😀
  7. Was that because he pronounced it Puh Kahn instead of Pee Can? 😀😀 Some people mix a little pecan with mesquite…also quite tasty. BBQ is so particular…have to agree on leaving the sauce off or just using a tiny bit for a dip or two. Proper brisket, bark done right is an all day job…I appreciate the time people spend cooking it, it’s much easier just to eat it! There was no BBQ at our Texas Guzzi rally this past weekend, but we had good pasta and meat sauce! Headed to Black’s BBQ in Lockhart Texas next weekend to bag another 10 stops on the Tour of Texas…two years ago we had 10 Guzzi riders show up in Lockhart on a whim just for the BBQ!
  8. By the way, if it hasn't already been done, cleaning out the fuel downspout is a necessity, with the bike sitting for 10 years, it's likely to have accumulated a lot of sediment or rust in the fine mesh filter...but again, not sure if you have already done that part already?
  9. Sorry if this was mentioned earlier, but how old is the gas in the tank? Did you try draining it completely, and then put in fresh gas (non ethanol even better if possible). Given that the starter fluid works, but the gas doesn't leads me to believe this gas is not igniting...maybe full of water? Any chance the fuel filter is blocked somehow, the tube is clean and has been inspected?
  10. Aha...that makes it crystal clear then!! Sounds like you have spark...no problem. Just out of curiosity...is the fuel injector model for the V11 the same as it is for your V7 (single TB, not double right??) If so, you could do an easy swap of one, then the other from the V11 into your V7 and see if it runs or both if your V7 has a double TB setup. Considering how reasonable non OEM injectors are on Ebay, and I know others here will not support buying non OEM injectors...but it's worth a shot. For what it's worth, I bought non OEM injectors for my Norge several years ago, and they work perfectly...no issues at all.
  11. That’s going to be a wonderful trip but I think your neck may protest after the first few hours…unless the riding position is more upright? Does the bike have clipons or a more upright setup? if you can swing it, try to get in as much of Colorado as you can off the interstate, the roads are much more fun than I-70 although that is a scenic ride as far as interstates go! Taking any spare valve cover gaskets, tire plug kit or air compressor just in case? Fresh set of plugs installed before leaving?
  12. How long does it run after you spray starter fluid? You can take it for a drive and it will not die? If it will run forever and idle (with a fan blowing on it to not overheat the bike sitting and idling for 10-15 minutes), then you're getting spark, fuel delivered, so you're saying the problem is only in the ignition phase, i.e. getting it started. I assume you haven't hooked up Guzzidiag yet to it to see if there are any other faults being thrown? That has to mean that injectors are working, plugs/wires are working since you're burning off the starter fluid almost instantaneously, if idling decently, TPS is OK enough to let it run etc. The "choke" isn't really a choke per se...but you've figured that out now. Bugger...what else could contribute to the lack of starting? I take it the process for trying to start with starter fluid vs. standard process involves the same parameters, side stand up or down, clutch lever in or out...all the same?
  13. All of this beautification…May have to rename this event the Concours d’Elegance de Tellico! One day hope to get there!!
  14. Wow...that's quite a markup...Moto flipping at its best!
  15. Another plus for these, I've recently also installed them on my V11 Scura...very nice quality. Docc will be pleased too since they are made in Tennessee!
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