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  1. Damn...now I'm going to be tempted to pull a trailer...those single wheel ones are slick! Color coded to match no less!
  2. Ok...I am going to have to steal one of these items...French Toast made with Panettone! What a fantastic idea! Of course, the Lavazza coffee must accompany it! Nice spread for sure...lots of great cooks there it looks like!
  3. Wonderful!! I’ll see you there…I may make it to Flying L for the night as well, depends on when I can leave on Friday. Will send you my phone number via PM. Merci!
  4. Good to hear finally about the tires!!! Pity about the clothing shipment zip code snafu but no rush!!! Now that you have your bike back will we see you in Bandera on Saturday? I’ll be there till about noon then head to Frío Canyon and then possibly a few more southern stops… have to be back home by Sunday evening. I plan on doing the La Grange stop on Monday with my wife…she’s been wanting to go out for a short GTOT stop so it’s either that and/or a Classic Rock stop.
  5. Tires delivered today! Only took 4 days from my normal source on Amazon! Once I wear out the current set on the Norge will put these on for the upcoming trip to Oregon…expecting to put 5000-6000 miles on that trip in June!
  6. Wow that's taking forever to get tires! You may want to try Amazon (Chaparall Motorsports is the vendor) I've got an order of Pilot Road 4's GT's (front and back, $430 total price) that are coming in about 12 days...same source I have ordered from in the past. Have done 4 orders from them over the last several years for the Norge, Griso and Scura...all running the same tire. Alternatively you can check for future and faster turnaround with the Motorcycles Unlimited shop (ask for Suzanne the owner) on FM1960...they can order the tire or you can ride the bike in with your tires, or even take the wheels in and they'll change them within 24 hours.
  7. Hi P6X...I do plan on being there on Saturday morning...probably will be in Boerne the night before and then head over in the morning. I plan to pick up a few more stops along the way Saturday/Sunday before heading home. I'm likely to be on the Honda Goldwing (Grey), or perhaps the Red Griso...will be a last minute decision!
  8. White faced Veglia's are hard to find...and of course, no guarantee that they work perfectly. I was lucky last year to find one at TLM in good shape, faded orange needle, but not jumping. You may have to hunt Ebay or TLM or Stein Dinse and see if they have anything, but it's very random. I've seen some guys in Austin selling speedos and tachometers, but with no guarantee that they even work...those are just a gamble. It's interesting also that the Quota has the speedo/tacho layout opposite of the V11's I think...
  9. Dare I say it…it’s probably sacrilege but Moto GP seems to have become boring. I hope there is more of a story in this year’s upcoming season, but it seems to have lost its luster…
  10. https://tucson.craigslist.org/mcy/d/green-valley-2003-moto-guzzi-v11-lemans/7712512091.html P6X!! Cough cough...looks what's available in Tucson now!!
  11. The Cali EV1100 looks great, rides OK, but for some of us, was hard to enjoy given the barn door windshield and intense buffeting that occurred. I know some folks love theirs however. I sold mine after a couple of months...and I lusted after it for quite a while until i found the right specimen down in Corpus Christi. It was mechanically perfect, very appealing visually, had the Hydro recall done (if I remember the terminology correctly), but I hated riding it on anything but slower FM roads and quite frankly, it wasn't that much fun to ride compared to the Norge and Scura and subsequently Griso. I took the windshield off the Cali completely and rode it naked for the short time I had it, the stock one was that bad. Some folks may have found better windshield solutions...I didn't invest any time in doing so. The Quota I hope is a more comfortable ride... Have you ridden a Centauro or Griso yet?
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