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  1. Lucky Phil's post in Oil pressure warning light - start up was marked as the answer   
    Yes it is. Unwise to ride it until its fixed. Make sure the wire is connected to the switch, if it is then its most likely the switch, they are unreliable. Pull off the wire and earth it against the engine case and turn the ignition on and see if the light comes on. If id does its the switch and if not its either the bulb or a wiring fault/open circuit.
  2. Lucky Phil's post in Look what I found lying about looking sorry for itself. was marked as the answer   
    This one looks nice. Not sure about the mufflers but apart from that looks quite cool.

  3. Lucky Phil's post in Rear Axle Ratios was marked as the answer   
    Gee they sound like professionals that know their stuff..........Not
    You could always ask Pete Roper if he can source you a T5 bevel box and maybe check it over for you and ship it. I reccon shipping would be about $100us
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