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  1. The drop in pistons are supposed to be the same weight as the originals, but have higher compression. If your piston weight changes, or the piston and / or rods are not the correct weight, you certainly can run into vibration issues. I am not sure that Guzzi built motors with connecting rods that were the wrong weight (lighter or heavier, either one would vibrate). But it is certainly possible. It is also possible that they simply did not properly balance some engines. Vibration can be caused by balance issues. Or it can be caused by tuning issues (the two cylinders not running evenly).
  2. I would happily use Fast Bike Industries / Adreani if I lived in that area. In fact, I would consider them even living where I do. I do like having a suspension guy that is local. Generally I like doing stuff myself, but time is in shorter supply than it was when I was young. So I could see paying someone to do the job. The young me would do it myself. But I am not that guy anymore (sadly). I have heard good things about the Adreani fork cartridges. They seem to be a quality company. But the guy in the email might not understand that Guzzi used very different forks on the early V11 vs the later V11 and V11 Lemans.
  3. I believe it was a Guilio Alfieri designed V6. An Italian automobile engineer that helped designed a number of cool Maserati cars and engines. And yes, cool all around. Imagine if you could buy something like that today....
  4. Sorry, but mentioning the Boss Hoss in the same breath as that Laverda is just wrong.....
  5. And that kit uses the original fuel tank. What I want is a kit that makes a V11, Centauro, or Daytona look like a MG01.
  6. I rode a 1200 Sport, and compared to my Griso or the wife's V11 Sport it was something of a marshmallow. Too soft for my tastes, not precise enough. Also, the seat was not comfortable after 30 minutes. But you do you. Go with the one that floats your boat. A bike can always be fixed up if in poorer shape. And it can even be customized to suit. We replaced the clip-ons the wife's V11 sport came with (ironically) a set of Ballabio handlebars. Drill out the stock triple clamp and the Ballabio bar mounts bolt right up.
  7. Here is a good source Left rear https://www.mgcycle.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=37_156&products_id=83 and Right rear https://www.mgcycle.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=37_156&products_id=84
  8. What he said, it would determine if the house / property is suffering from subsidence. That is, the property settling due to possible mining activity underneath the property. Subsidence can be caused by other causes, but in this case I assume that it is possible mining activity that they are concerned with.
  9. At first I was reluctant to respond as I didn't want to derail this thread any more than I already had. But then I remembered where this thread was and what it was about. And I suppose it is okay, as what you are drinking with your BBQ seems fair game for a BBQ thread. I don't dislike Bourbon, but I don't drink it often. There are so many other options out there that are either less expensive ("Bourbon" often seems to come at a premium price just for the name), better tasting, or both. For me it is not a matter of not having had good Bourbon, I have. And it can be good. But for the most part I find that I would rather drink other options. Some are also considered "Bourbon" but not from Kentucky, while others are just Whiskey. Right now getting Whiskey aged in Rum casks seems popular, and tasty. My favorite is Scotch Whiskey, it is hands down my favorite drink. A good bottle of Scotch will always win with me. But to each their own.
  10. That is pretty funny. But you forget that the outhouse is still pretty common in Kentucky. And the result is there is no flush and it stays right there in Kentucky, so they can make Bourbon out of it. To be fair, Jack Daniels doesn't pretend to be "Bourbon". It is Whiskey, and darn fine Whiskey at that. I usually have at least one bottle of Jack in the house. I do prefer better Whiskies, but I rarely drink Bourbon. To many better options out there.
  11. You can burn diesel in an oil furnace, and you can burn heating oil for an oil furnace in a diesel engine (although it is illegal to do so as it is tax fraud). For all intent the two are interchangeable. I view the current situation as a reminder that we really need to become less dependent on fossil fuels. For example, even though the US pumps enough oil out of the ground to cover most or all of the oil we consume, we are still subject to the global oil market as oil is a global commodity. If the world price of oil goes up the price of oil in the US goes up regardless of where the oil came from. While there is no easy light switch solution, it so happens that green energy is often also less volatile.
  12. If you are sure you can get them just right, do it. I don't think lowered pegs are that big of a critical issue. For me I don't see a reason to go with lowered pegs, and that is including the fact that my knees are pretty F'd up. The difference between the pegs as they are and the "lowered" pegs is minor. I can't see where having my feet an inch lower would make any difference. And being able to adjust them is also minor. The amount of adjustability in them is very limited. The difference in lost ground clearance is going to be larger than the difference in comfort. But if it is something you want, and you feel those chinese pegs will allow you to get it just right, do it. Personally my motorcycles are my babies, and I avoid putting cheap parts on them. If I am going to upgrade them I do it with high quality parts. I don't try to pinch pennies when it comes to my motorcycles. If I do need an upgraded part, I buy the best quality I can find. Also, having a metal peg with a rubber insert like that seems silly. If the rubber insert isn't covering the metal peg there is no point to it as the vibrations would come through the metal to boot contact. Either have rubber covered pegs or have metal pegs. That half and half idea doesn't make sense to me. But you do you.
  13. As I recall, lower pegs for a Buell fit with minor adjustments. If you search this forum you will find that lower pegs have been fairly well discussed and covered.
  14. Should I bother pointing out that if you want to keep it cable drive you have to worry not just about does the cable fit into the drive port of the speedo but whether or not the ratio (how many revolutions of the cable to a given distance) is correct.
  15. First you need to determine what your problem actually is. As mentioned, problems with the cable drive are more likely than a problem with the speedo itself. If it is the speedo, there are people who can repair them, but parts can be tricky to aquire as it is not considered "serviceable" by Guzzi. Probably the easiest option if the speedo is toast is a GPS speedo from Speedhut. That eliminates dealing with the cable drive. Other options include using a pulse driven speedo and getting a widget that converts the speedo drive output to pulses. That is what I have on my Daytona. It works, but it would have been easier to just go with a GPS speedo from Speedhut. But, as mentioned, I would figure out what is actually wrong, first.
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