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  1. You may be able to make the cable work with only one angle-drive if you only have one working angle drive. I seem to recall some V11's did not come with an angle-drive at the transmission. The angle-drive at the transmission helps with the cable routing, but it may not be required. And the angle-drives do tend to be a failure point. But I could be wrong, I am pretty old.
  2. Yeah, the inner cable only slides in one way as Pressureangle said. You want the cable oriented so that it only can slide in from the speedo end. That way if the cable comes loose from the transmission the inner cable will not fall out.
  3. I don't completely agree with Phil, but I do agree that I would start with what he said and see how it runs. It is certainly possible that it will be more then satisfactory with Mistral's and the stock map. Unless it is not, I would leave it like that. If it is not satisfactory that way, I would start with the standard tune up procedure to make sure your baseline is right. If it is still not to your liking only then would I start messing with the tune. And to mess with the tune you can either load a map from one of the maps already made, which is what I would do, or you could come up with a custom map, which I would not do. But I would bolt them on and see, first.
  4. Fabio and Yamaha are struggling. But with the drastic concessions Yamaha have right now I don't expect them to struggle for long. They are already making steps and are now arguably better then Honda. Yamaha won't be at the back forever. If they aren't near the front next year or the year after I would be surprised. The concessions they have been given are pretty extreme. But while talk is of Pramac going to Yamaha I would think going to KTM would make more sense. That is a bike that could win the title as it is right now, and just needs the right rider. That is why Ducati so feared Marc leaving Gresini and going to KTM that they were willing to shaft their top two guys.
  5. It is a mess. And time will tell if Ducati made the right decision or the wrong decision. Clearly it was Marc driving this train and calling the shots. Which I think does not bode well for how this will pan out. Letting one of your racers run the show, especially a racer who is in it only for himself (Marc cares not for the Ducati brand), seems like a bad idea. On top of what you said, not only did they drive Martin to Aprilia with this choice but they may have driven Pramac to Yamaha. It is not official at all, but Simon Crafer has suggested that Pramac may be leaving the Ducati fold after being offended so severely by how this happened. Not only did Marc Marquez directly insult them, but if they continue with Ducati they will have to take Fermín Aldeguer for Ducati along side whatever scraps they can get after expecting to get Marc Marquez. Aldeguer has been less then super impressive this season so far. One win but not looking like he did towards the end of last year. They may have jumped the gun signing him. Time will tell. Everyone was told back in 2023 when VR46 was trying to get one or two additional current spec Ducati bikes that Pramacs contract not only gave them current spec factory bikes but also prevented other teams from receiving current spec factory bikes. In previous years Ducati was able to move the third and fourth current spec factory bikes to whichever team they wanted to have them. They could even produce a 5th or 6th factory bike. But it seems in 2023 Pramac was able to get a contract signed with Ducati that reserved that to Pramac. Smart. And it would seem if they were to exercise their contract renewal option that would continue into 2025. Of course, now there is the possibility that Pramac will leave the Ducati fold, opening up who can get a current spec Ducati but also being a huge blow to Ducati. Loosing Pramac to Yamaha (or in my opinion to KTM, as I am sure KTM would be glad to have them) would be a huge blow. I don't know why Pramac would go to Yamaha, but I get leaving Ducati after this. I would be talking to KTM as we speak if I were Pramac. KTM could surely provide them with current spec factory bikes.
  6. In my opinion, if Aleix Espargaro can run at the front and even win on the Aprilia a top level rider can certainly win the title on it. They do occasionally have reliability issues, but not to often. And I expect that will get better over time. If Martin can find the right set up balance I think he is in contention for the title next year. The Aprilia seems like an easier bike to adapt to then, say, the KTM / GasGas. It handles well and seems to do exactly what you tell it to do with minimal quirks you have to adapt to. I agree, Pedro Acosta is going to be one to watch. Between him and Bastianini on KTMs / GasGas, as well as Martin on Aprilia I suspect Ducati will not be so dominant next year. Add to that the chaos in the factory Ducati team after adding Marc and it should be fun to watch. I hope Joe Roberts is able to win the Moto2 title, he is riding better then he ever has now that Moto2 runs Pirelli tires. He really seems to gel with the softer construction Pirelli's. I am not sure he is ready to move up yet, but time will tell. If he does move up I hope he adapts better then he first did after joining the Moto2 class. I am not sure the new Pirelli's in Moto2 are comparable to the Michelins in MotoGP, I get the impression the Michelins are of a harder construction vs the soft construction Pirelli's in Moto2. He is on his 7th full season in Moto2 and is only now starting to show talent. How much of that is the tire switch and how much is him, I don't know. But I can't see him getting 7 seasons in MotoGP to figure it out. How he got 7 seasons in Moto2 I don't know. But he did, and he is finally doing well. Go Joe.
  7. Yes, Martin WANTS to win it this year. More so now then before no doubt. But if he doesn't win it this year he will have a shot next year, and the year after that. Unlike Marc, who doesn't have many years left in him, Martin has plenty of years left to win the title. If Marc wins the title next year, he will probably only race one more year then retire. Where as Martin will be a thorn in Ducati's side long after Marc is done. I am not sure Ducati "won" by signing Marc to their factory team. They kinda look like idiots, especially the way they shafted Martin when Marc changed his mind. That was weak. And it shows you who is really in charge. But it should make MotoGP more interesting now that Ducati has less of a stranglehold on the top racers. And their factory team is going to be a struggle. We will probably see a semi-return to Marcs old ways, not so much the dominance but the aggression. He takes people out, and I suspect he will take out Pecco at least a few times. It may not be the "Dream Team" Ducati want it to be. And if / when Marc wins on the Ducati everyone will credit Marc and not Ducati. It is a lose / lose deal for Ducati. They should have stuck to their original stance on Marc. He brings nothing to them that they need.
  8. I would disagree about Martin needing to win this year, it would be great for him to win this year and take the number 1 plate with him to Aprilia, but once at Aprilia I think he will elevate Aprilia to a championship contender. Ducati grabbed the best known racer on the grid, a racer that is at the end of his career, and let a championship caliber racer closer to the beginning of his career go. I suspect that will come back to haunt Ducati. Also, the combination of Pecco and Marc Marquez on the factory team does not seem like a good combination. That may implode. This move may help reduce Ducati's domination. The way Ducati did it, telling Martin he had the seat and then taking that back, was weak and shows a lack of character. And it will likely motivate Martin even more. I suspect Martin will not show much respect for fellow Ducati racers for the rest of the season. Beating the other Ducati mounted racers will likely be more important to him then playing the Ducati team card.
  9. I was into the Griso back when they showed it with the Daytona motor in it. I was first in line at our local Guzzi Dealer to get the first one they got. I was disappointed that the motor switched to the 1100 two valve motor, but not a deal breaker. The stock exhaust was a little goofy, and the 8 valve Griso had an even goofier exhaust. But I resolved that on my 1100, first with a slip on and later with a more complex set up that moved the muffler to the other side so the single sided swing arm could do what it does best. I found the Griso to be less sporty than the V11, but still very agile considering how long it is. It is a couch of a bike, but a couch that goes pretty dang fast. Perhaps the perfect GT bike.
  10. Yes, except it was Rins teammate at Suzuki Mir who did that, wasn't it? Marc clearly still has speed, but I think the days of old with Marc dominating, with Marc able to start at the back and still win, are gone. The Honda he had was hard to get the speed out of it, but if you could manage it the Honda was faster then everything else. The bikes we have now, including the Ducati's that dominate, are fast but not in a way where there is hidden speed that the right racer can unlock and go way faster then everyone else can go. Marc will do well on a Ducati. I understand him wanting to be on a Ducati. I don't get him wanting to be on the factory team, which if he wants a current spec factory Ducati but not on the Pramac team it seems he is angling directly for the seat alongside Pecco. There is no other seat that fits that bill. Marc might also do well on a KTM or Aprilia. But on a Ducati I think he will not get back to the domination he once had. Times have changed. That said, Aprilia has two factory team seats and only one likely racer to fill them right now. If Aprilia can't find anyone better they can keep Mav, but I hope that can replace Mav with someone better. Mav on his day can be fast enough to win, but that doesn't happen very often. They might move Raul up if he can get his act together, we had a glimpse of hope with Raul, but that seems to have only been a moment. Expectations are Joe Roberts gets one of the seats at Trackhouse, that means one of those two need to move up or move out. I am not sure moving Joe Roberts up is right, but if they want an American racer they don't have many options. But his speed right now seems to be down to the change in spec rubber for Moto3 and Moto2. The new Pirelli tires are a softer construction then the Dunlops they replaced, not sure how that will compare to the Michelins used in MotoGP. Could be good, could be bad.
  11. Talk is cheap, so take what he says for what it is. But as you said Marc has now said that the Pramac seat is not an option. He wants a factory bike, but not at Pramac. He has suggested that he would take a factory bike on the factory team OR he would take a factory bike at Gresini. But supposedly Pramac's contract gives them the only two factory bikes outside the factory team. So, a factory bike at Gresini doesn't seem to be a viable option. It seems sure that Martin is getting a seat at the factory team. Ducati would be crazy to let him go, and he has flatly said he will go if he doesn't get a seat at the full factory team. I don't get why, he gets everything at his current team, he has full factory support. But he seems to have an ego thing about being on the full factory team. Another possibility would be Ducati signing Martin and Marc Marquez to the factory team. But I think Pecco already has a contract for 2025 and 2026 and current rules don't allow three bikes on a team (not like the old days). Rumors suggest Marc may go elsewhere, one option being him and his brother both riding the GasGas factory bikes (really they are factory KTMs). I would rather see Marc go to Aprilia, but that seems unlikely to happen. It is going to be interesting to see how it pans out. Will Martin get his factory seat or go elsewhere? Will Marc get that factory seat? Or will he go elsewhere. Seems likely one of them won't be riding a Ducati next year, unless Marc backs off what he said. And talk is cheap....
  12. I am no expert, but as I understand it the original V11 sport (the 1999 - 2001 years that docc alludes to) came with 40mm forks that the upper tubes are silver. That is what the wife's V11 sport has. Those forks have very limited dampening stock but can be modified easily to add better dampening. The next gen of V11 has 40mm forks with black upper tubes. The third gen of V11 has 43mm forks. Then there are the various V11 versions with Ohlins forks, but they aren't a factor in this. The ones the Andreani cartridges work for are the second gen 40mm forks with black upper tubes. In answer to the question @Meinolf asked, yes. The Andreani cartridges should fit a 2001 V11 with 40mm forks with black upper tubes. And that should be the part number for those forks. 105/G08E. That is probably the only set they sell that fits a V11, and that is the only version of forks on a V11 you can get an Andreani cartridge set for. As luck would have it.
  13. My Griso 1100 has a right side exit pipe from GuzziTech in stainless steel. It is well made, looks great, and sounds great. The stock muffler works well enough but the one I have from GuzziTech is better in every way. I get that pipes that are too loud suck. But a pipe that is louder then stock but not too loud can be a good thing. There is a clear difference between a two into two setup like the V11 runs and a two into one setup like the Griso and other newer big bore Guzzi's use. I would not say one is better than the other (although clearly Chuck would) but I will say I prefer the more aggressive sound you get with the two into one setup. It makes more of a snarl sound versus the rumble that the two into two on the V11 makes. The same was true of my Buell X1, it had a 1200 Sportster motor but sounded nothing like a typical Sportster. The X1 ran a two into one pipe that gave it a snarl a Sportster did not have with the standard Sportster two into two setup. Our V65 Lario has stock pipes but a slightly opened airbox. The wife's Monster has stock pipes, and it really needs aftermarket pipes. But we will probably sell it first as she doesn't ride it enough. Our baby Husqvarna 401's have stock mufflers but an aftermarket down pipe that deletes the cat. Slightly louder then stock but a little better performance. My Daytona has StainTunes. And the wife's V11 has the Guzzi / Mistral slip-ons.
  14. I have no use for coffee, but my wife is pretty deep into it. At one point she worked in a coffee shop because she wanted the experience. She avoids the big brands, and prefers local specialty shops. I believe she also uses a French Press most of the time to make her coffee. It is funny how strong peoples opinions can be on the subject of coffee. It is worse then the subject of oil. No doubt where you had a given cup of coffee and the overall experience of it would surely influence your judgement of how good said cup of coffee was. For me the same can be true of alcohol.
  15. A classic move when installing a Roper Plate is to install the oil dipstick while the plate is in place and mark the dipstick right under where the plate is relative to the dipstick. You can drill a couple holes there in the dipstick and use those to set oil level. As mentioned, with the Roper Plate installed you should be able to run the oil level right below the plate with no issues.
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