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  1. Hi Scud, thanks. I'll wait for someone to move the post. To asnwer your questions: my bike used to have the clipons above the triple clamp. 2 years ago the previous owner converted to handlebars on top of the triple clamp. So seating position is more upright. I'm now looking for the factory spec ecause that info for Scura is not in the V11 LeMans and Sport Workshop Manual.
  2. I've got a question for Scura owners: what is the standard mounting position of the front fork in the clamp. My Öhlins show 6 rings above the triple clamp. But other topics write that the top of the fork must be flush or that 1 ring should be visible. Does this mean that my triple plate is too low (less stable riding)? Anyone know where the standard setup is described? Thanks for replies. David
  3. Hi all, I'm proud owner of Scura # S608. Approx. one year now. And love the looks and how it rides. Previous bike was a LeMans1000 (IV). Owned it for over 20 years... What a difference. Regards, David (from The Netherlands)
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