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  1. Thank you very much! So the best way is to instal the clutch, take out the rear wheel, take of the slave clutch cilinder and machine the rod until there’s a little slack. Kind reagards, Jorrit
  2. Some extra info; If i look closely it seems like it was properly installed. but if i look a the clutch, it looks like it should be turned around I have another picture, where you can see the pushrod fits exactly in the spring, but i'm only aloud to upload 200mb
  3. I have found out that i probely have RAM 6 speed clutch. At Stein Dinse i orderd a RAM 6 speed clutchplate (https://www.stein-dinse.biz/product_info.php?products_id=461370), And it looks just like the one that came out of te Scura.But it is only 0.9 mm thicker then the old one New 6,1mm vs old 5,2mm). So i'm afraid that this one only wil last a few 1000km. I also took out the pushrod; I'm wondering or this is the wright one. And whether it was properly installed. The thin side was on the rear, in de slave clutch cilinder. Can anyone tell me or this is the wright pushrod is for the RAM 6 speed clutch? Kind regards, Jorrit
  4. Like i said, in 2009 the clutch is preventive replaced by a GU01080140 (Single plate clutch) and the clutch disk is a GU01084440 and this clutch disk is not availabla anymore. It looks a lot like the RAM clutch, and if i can only replace the clutch disk (and maybe the belleville spring) it would save me quite a bit of money and time.
  5. Today i worked again on the Scura, the flywheel is aluminum. The presure plate looks in good condition, the rest of the parts of the clutch are orginal, and even the adjustment is orginal sealed. I think there are 2 options, the clutch-disk is warn, or the presure plate doesn’t give the right presure. Maybe i should just replace both. I send a e-mail to smotos.de, i hope they can help. kind regards, Jorrit
  6. Hello Tinus, I live near Apeldoorn and i have seen that the RAM Clutch is also avalible at Stein Dinse for 450,- but i'm still wondering or i can replace my Clutch disk by https://www.stein-dinse.biz/product_info.php?products_id=1084#prettyPhoto It would save a lot of work (and money) I didn't know Valpolini and HMB-Guzzi, i have looked them up. They do have the RAM disk but i don't know fos sure it will fit my Clutch. At the moment i'm busy with rewiring the T850 Café. I'm installing a Motogadget M-unit. when i have replaced it i will go on with de V11. I hoped that i had my parts by then en could install them right away but i don't expect that te happen
  7. I only have the Scura for over a year now. So the repacement of the Clutch in 2009 was done by the previous owner. But he gave me all the bills of the work that was done over the years. Unfortunaly he didn’t give me the hub. I will look or i can make a picture and measure the parts.
  8. But TLM, would replace the clutch by a double disk clutch. They told me that can’t deliver any singel clutch plate materials, but i don’t know or, they can’t or they wont. This is incl. de labor. I don’t know or by replacing a single plate clutch for a double plate clutch there is a lot of knowledge is required or modifications.
  9. I was wondering what is the different between the clutch disk of a Single clutch plate clutch and the clutch disk of a double clutch plate clutch are they not interchangeable? My clutch looks a lot like the RAM clutch set, but i can not find any specs and i can not find just the clutch disk. I can only find this;
  10. Thank you all for your reactions. The original clutch had been replaced in 2009 for a replacement GU 01080140 i think it has a steel flywheel. I’ll check it out this weekend. Mayby it is the same as the RAM. I looked it up at MG cycle. but i have aan 6 speed gearbox so i can not User this one. I don’t know or the clutch plate is interchangeable. It feels strange to orde from the Netherlands in the USA for aan Italian bike But mayby they can tell me or the parts will fit Kind regards.
  11. Thanks! Do you meen, there is nothing wrong with the plate but the hydrolic system builds up to much presure and it does not release the presure, and tis is why it slips? If this is the case how do i solf it? and how do i prefent it from happening again?
  12. Hello, Ik have a Scura in 2009 they replaced the cluth for a GU01080140, but now my clutch is slipping. I'm trying to find a new Clutch disk GU01084440, but is is not longer availible. I called TLM (the importer in the Netherlands) and they only tell me to replace it for a double plate clutch, and it will set me back 2000,- euro. Now i have heard it is possible te replace de friction pads on te clutch disk, but to do this, i need to know how thick was the clutch plate. Can anyone tell me this? kind regards, Jorrit
  13. I have a question, if i need to replace my clutch from my V11 (Scura) and i cleared the engine from the trans, do i need to drain the oil and remove the oillines? Or should it be posible with the oillines still connected?

    Kind regards,


  14. When i mesure the resistance, the resistance is both ways 1,3 M Ohm. But i cheched today there’ s a different between the way i stik ik the led. 1 the one way if i turn left both blinkend are working oké if i thun the ather way, both te blinkers are working. If i turn the led controle light; The one way if i turnway both blinkend are working oké if i thun the ather way, both te blinkers are working both again.
  15. if this is the wirediagram of a V11, can anybody explane why if i have blinkers running lights (so they need no relais), and i replace the controle light with a LED (1,3 M Ohm), all blinkers (L+R) start blinking when ever i activate L of R. (the relais is replaced by a wire). Thanks for al idea’s.
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