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  1. Hello Roy, can you tell me or the LED light have a high resistance? If the resistance is at least as high as the original light it will work without any additional diodes or resistance. Kind regards!
  2. Hello, t have changed the blinkers, because they were not visible enough. I now have standard LED blinkers and a variable flasher relay. As long as i don't insert a control light, everything works well. As soon as i insert the indicator light the usual problems start. I wonder if i replace the indicator light by two LEDs and i connect the anode with the wires and take the cathodes together and connect them to the mass via a resistance, will this work? I miss my indicator light
  3. Thank you very much you nailed it!!!!! A view weeks ago i changed my throttle cable, to get there i had to loosen the brake lever slightly. When tightening, the cable has become trapped between the two sides of the bracket and this caused a short circuit between the red/black wire and the white wire. So the problem is found!! Now i got to think of a way to fix this neatly. There is a very little space to de-solder the wires and solder them neatly again. (The wires are long enough)
  4. I took the tank from the V11 and there's is no sign of trouble, unfortunatly i can't start it whitout the gastank. But when i disconnect the 12-way connector there's no dashboard light, but as far as i can tell everthing is the same. Also bij disconnecting the 10-way connector. when i disconnect the 5-way (the right controles) the ignition switch works again like it should. I can follow you, with the black/red wire and it is consistand whith disconnecting the 5way connector. I can't follow why this wire or relay remains energized. I try to follow you in you solution. With
  5. Peter Thank you very much!! When the ignition switch is on, everthing works fine!! But when i turn the igition switch off, the parking light and the direction indicators are switch off. Everything else still works like the iginiton switch is still on. By pulling te clutch en pushing the start buton or by pulling the clutch en shifting in gear (with de igition switch turned off) the electical circuit shuts down. Also bij pulling Relay #1, #2, #3 of Fuse 5. I will take of the fuel tank this weekend and check the entire wire harnas and connectors. Thank you all!!
  6. Thank you very much for your detailed response! If i pull fuse 5 the electrical system does shutdown. Pullinig the clutch and pushing the start buton is only to shut off the electrical system. i have already stopt the engine with the kill switch, and it only works when the ignition switch is off. Everthing i tried so far is with the side-stand down. If the engine is running (ignition switch off) and the side-stand is down and i shift out of neutral the electrical system shuts down The lights, high and low beam work, parking light, direction indicatorlights don't H
  7. But I don’t hope I have to take the entire wiring harnas apart to look for damage like this. And certainly not because there is no sign of wire harness damage (except for the strange behaviour).
  8. I do think that is the wiring diagram (atleast it is the diagram i use for maesring). and yes the engine stops when i pull Fuse 1 or 2 or relays #4 or #5 but they don's shutdown the entire electrical system. When i pull out relay #1 , #2 or #3 or fuse #5 the electical system does shutdown. And wenn i pull teh clutch lever and push the start buton. There are no signals of problems with the wiring harness, everywhere i can check de wires look good (not roasted) and i don't smell anything.
  9. Relays #2 and #3 are the same (Siemens-A1001-A402). I can exchange them, and nothing changes. If the ignition switch is on, the engine keeps on running, if the ignition switch is off and i pull #1,#2 or #3 the electrical system shutsdown.
  10. No, and about 1/2 year ago, I had troubles with my clutch, I took the bike several times apart. But after that it worked wel for the entire time.
  11. 3 on the mass and 5 on the positive.
  12. Today i took my ignition switch apart, there were no broken wires. Also the contacts looked good, not black or anything like that. Fresh Vaseline in the switch, but noting changed. Have measured the resistance between the battery and the engine, 0,1 Ohm, so i don’t think this is a problem. any other ideas?
  13. Hello Gstallons, nothing has been modified only te battery and de startermotor have been replaced the last 6 months. But that's about 4 months ago, and it worked after replacing the parts without any problems. It is a 2003 V11 Scura. Yesterday i checked again what is still working when i turn off the ignition switch and stop the engine with the kill switch; The low and high beam, the rear light, the dashboardlights and the horn all still working. The city light, indicator lights don't work. If i pull the clutch and push the startbuton, the electrical circuit shutsdown (like i tur
  14. Hello Docc, i whent yesterday to the carpartsshop, and they had a new Relays and i tried this one, but thisdid'nt solve the problem.
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