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  1. You said exactly what I was thinking when we spoke. Where can I source parts for the 2002 V11 Lemans???
  2. IMHO it depends, I agree on a lot of things, cars and other toys but with my MC I usually like to go to a dealer. HOWEVER it looks like I have no option. There is a Harley repair shop in town (Eagle Motorcycles) and I will approach them. I used to deal with GT Motors i Lansing, MI, are they still in business since Larry passed away or where are sources for 2002 V11 LeMans parts, filters etc.?
  3. Yes, My intent is to take it in for all fluids and new tires
  4. Hmmmm, where to go? I just called EuroCycle in Las Vegas to schedule an oil / filter change and replace both tires. They ask the year and I was told they don't do anything on bikes 10 years old or older. WHAT??? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks. Larry Pence Bullhead City, Arizona
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