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  1. Thanks for the feedback, Chuck. I have been scrubbing that forum too. I will look again.
  2. Hello Guzzi World! I hope this is not too off topic on this v11 forum. There are discussions about other bikes, so I am taking a chance. I inherited my father's 1991 Sessantacinque GT (exactly like the picture on Greg Bender's site http://www.thisoldtractor.com/moto_guzzi_small_blocks_older_small_block_issues_.html). I imported it to the States and I am restoring it to better conditions, since it sat in a damp garage for 4 years. I got it on the road just last week and after about 100 miles the gear shifting started acting up. It would find a neutral between 2nd and 3rd gear, then it decided to not shift beyond 2nd gear. I want to fix it and I am looking for more info and possibly some help (in person) to remove the gearbox and (maybe) open it and fix it myself. I found a lot of documentation, but I am not totally sure which V65 this bike is. I understand it is a small block engine and it is very similar to the V65, V65SP, V65 Lario and so on. I am not sure what frame this bike has because I think the "crabbing" instructions I found on guzzitech.dk are for big block Tonti frames. Also, the workshop manual makes it look so easy to remove the gearbox. It looks like removing the lower frame arms, along with the rear wheel, cardan joint and centerstand, will give me complete access to the rear of the engine. I have not been able to find more detailed info for doing this on this V65GT frame. I would greatly appreciate any pointers to at least remove the gearbox. It would save me $260 to have the local Guzzi dealer do it. Also, how relevant is Peter Roper's detailed document on the gearbox for my bike? It seems to be for big blocks. Thanks, Pescatore
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