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  1. Pulled the cover off the Ghezzi today and turned ignition key on so I could see the kilometer reading. Odometer reads 10,575 kilometers = 6,571 miles Beautiful bike. I noticed the smaller diameter Tubi exhausts.
  2. Heads Up! Happening right now (January 9 thru 12, 2020) at San Jose Convention Center. The bike and the Porsche Speedster are on display along with two cutaway display engines.
  3. As seen on Classic Avenue: https://classicavenue.com/2001-ghezzi-brian/
  4. Don't know if this one sold or not but back in July 2018 it was listed on EBay at $30,000
  5. " The Super Twin is built around an air-cooled 1,064cc V-twin from the V11 Sport that’s had its flywheel balanced, and a new full exhaust added. The 87hp mill acts as a stressed member of the mono-beam chassis that houses the airbox and oil-tank. Connected to the race-developed frame are adjustable 41mm inverted Paioli forks up front and an Ohlins (or Bitubo according to some sources) monoshock in the rear, with the bike riding on forged aluminum Marchesini wheels. The race-replica’s giant 420mm perimeter discs — which are attached to the rim and not the hub — and dual-piston calipers help slow the 427lb (dry) machine — 55lbs less than the unfaired V11 Sport — from its claimed 140mph top-speed."
  6. True but since it's my cousin who is struggling to survive from a massive stroke I want to get a fair market value for him.
  7. Only Folgore I have ever been able to find for sale is located in Italy for $27,238 with a stock photos and no information about the bike itself:
  8. Since there are only two in the USA and none for sale here I have no comparables at all. I did find a Ghezzi Brian Supertwin sold with 8,700 miles for $16,668 from Ghezzi Brian in Italy but there are more of them in Italy. The Folgore was a very limited edition and featured racing eprom, Bitubo exhaust, Ohlins and OZ racing wheels
  9. Thanks Surj! I had not seen that post having just joined the forum today.
  10. Here is a video of one of these engines being test driven in a Porsche Speedster replica:
  11. Engine is not reversible but it does have timing chains located on opposite sides. Here's a photo of the twin cam cutaway display engine as seen from the front. As explained at wildguzzi the engine is designed to be modular and can be a range of displacements in either single or twin cam head versions. There is also a supercharged version. This engine is notn really a Guzzi only project. The Guzzi V11 is just one application. The engine is also installed in a Porsche speedster replica for test drive purposes. There have been several companies interested mainly for use in hybrid vehicles. As I recall I found our V11 test mule on this very forum!
  12. For detailed information about the engine and project see this post we made at wildguzzi: https://wildguzzi.com/forum/index.php?topic=75608.0
  13. I spoke with Arnold Barnhart of Cyclone Motorcycles in Texas yesterday. He was the importer for Ghezzi Brian. My cousin picked up a Folgore from Arnold back in 2002 at Laguna Seca and got it registered in California. According to Arnold there were only two Folgore imported to the states. Unfortunately my cousin suffered a massive stroke back in February 2019 and has had setbacks in recovery. He has come to the conclusion that his motorcycle days are over. He has decided to sell his very clean stock Ghezzi Brian Folgore. I'm aware of the differences between the Supertwin and Folgore but wanted to know if anyone could confirm the number imported. I emailed Bruno but he has no answer.
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