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  1. If you order, go a half size larger than you would normally use.
  2. I have two pairs of Daytonas. Pair 1 are very old but still just about serviceable. BMW GSA pegs played havoc with the soles. My bad. Now have the GTX Daytonas which get occasional use on the ST1300. A truly excellent boot. Now, a "left-field" boot that I recently bought, and after some research, is the Altberg Hogg . Altberg make boots for the British Army and Police. The Hogg is their paratrooper lace-up boot, with motorcycling additions. Not sure if made in Italy or England or both. I usually wear these on my Guzzis. They are very well made and I feel secure in them. The standard Hoggs exte
  3. Very little Ethanol in the petrol here, which I hear is the source of most of the fuel-line problems world-wide. The in-tank fuel-line in mine was a black concertina type heavy "plastic" and was factory fitted, judging by the metal clips used to secure it to the pump. And yes, it was a bitch of a job to do road-side. I had heard that the plastic connector from under the tank was a devil to disconnect, easy to break, and that there was a "knack" to disconnect it. Get it wrong and almost impossible to bodge a road-side repair. More art than science. It took hours. And it was only an "educated gu
  4. Not mine, spotted on local web site, may be of interest to European members. 2002 Scura, looks right, owner looking for just under Euro 5K. Search "DoneDeal" Ireland. Motorcycle section and search Moto Guzzi. Unable to post link. The site is reputable. Apologies if this is posted in the wrong section, but may be of interest to someone.
  5. Thanks, Kelly. Went on a 500 mile round-trip on it, shortly after getting it. Was about 70 miles out when I found it struggling to maintain 65 mph. Kept going. Last 100 miles of the outward journey struggled to maintain 40 mph on a motorway, and limped to my destination. Exhausted. Seven hours to cover 250 miles. Next day, tank off, fuel pump and filter out. Scavenged a drill bit and reamed it, spigot to spigot, to allow fuel to flow through it. Filter completely blocked with rust particles. Strained the remaining fuel through a dish-cloth into a cut down Coke bottle (because I had to, no
  6. Thanks, Pete. Thats way beyond my capabilities, unfortunately. I have just been made aware of a local(ish) bike mechanic who likes Guzzis, and I intend to approach him. I will put your suggestions to him, and any others that might arise. Many thanks.
  7. Hi all. This is my first post on the forum. My 2007 CalVin was a neglected beast when I obtained it two years ago. It had been stored outside, unused and uncovered for a long period in a damp, coastal climate. I love it, together with my 1100i sidecar combination. The CalVin has a frustrating rough-spot at about 2,000 to 2,150 rpm. At low speed, if I am in this band, it feels like the motor is trapped in a valley that it doesnt want to get out of. I can drive through it, but this involves dropping a gear to do it comfortably. I am mechanically/electrically weak. There are no Guzzi dealers in m
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