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  1. Had plenty of oil. It’s knocking hard not a rattle
  2. Ok guys motor is knocking. I’m sick to my stomach. What’s this v11 worth now? Bike has 9046 miles and is in amazing condition
  3. Well I'm pretty sure the bike is good. Checked ignition switch and everything was good. Unplugged powercommander and swapped 5 relay for 3 relay. Hit the road for one hell of a great ride. I love this bike. Thank you for all the help. I'm sure I'll be asking more questions
  4. Hey I'm a newbie here and to the Moto guzzie world. Bike cuts at 3-5000 rpm for a split second. The tach drops to zero but instantly fires back up. Other problem is there are no mechanics who work on guzzie in my area. I appreciate any and all help
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