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  1. Since the angle drive was screwed anyway, I took it apart. Very crappy gears, output gear was cracked, input had lots of casting flash. I have a friend that is a jeweler and has experience casting intricate fiddly stuff. If it was possible to get these drives apart gracefully and hand finish and lube them, they might last longer.
  2. Thanks. I was going to call him. I emailed Palo Alto and they said good luck, no parts. I also thought I might send Joel a Duc speedo with mine and see if it might hold up better. The only physical difference is no chrome bezel, and this one has odo reset on a cable. .
  3. I'm new to MG and of course speedo/odo packed up. It's an 02 Scura. The angle drive seems to be the culprit, I managed to find another, I'm guessing it won't last either. Needle was bouncing around quite a bit, odo reset knob is missing. Looks pretty grim as to replacing it. I stink at electrics. I have some Veglia gauges from my Ducati stash, the diameter seems close, gauge face is white, only yellow and black wire, 60 degree angle on back of gauge. It's a 160 instead of 140 though. Could this be a viable option? For some reason, Ducatis don't seem to have speedo issues as badly as the V11 Veglias so. There seem to be a lot of them on ebay for decent prices.
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