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  2. I am selling a V11 tail bag to fit the Moto Guzzi rack this is a Moto Guzzi item. It is unused and complete. Pics are here https://goo.gl/photos/kCcYMExVCTTA3MYc7 Paul oops forgot to put price in £70
  3. I have a set of Moto Guzzi panniers for sale they have never been used (I have had to sell my V11 so never will :/)and are complete with covers keys and all fittings. The fittings have very minor marks from when they were packed and the two indicator brackets despite being stored inside have small areas of rust. They never has any instructions. I have uploaded photos at https://goo.gl/photos/VjepPwtktrLVtQRW7 I am asking £210 Paul
  4. Thank you much appreciated. Paui
  5. Hi Has anyone got the original V11 OEM tank bag? I am selling a full set of unused Moto Guzzi V11 luggage (All official Guzz items) Problem is before i sell I need to check that all the fittings are there since it was delivered with no instructions...s The one I cannot find pics on online is the tankbag mounting strap it has 2 straps at one end and an elongated wide strap with two small holes?? was it just a length of nylon string threaded through ..?? https://goo.gl/photos/gvEQu7SiXJYCQj5F7 THX Paul
  6. V11 1999 Magni Fairing

  7. Just as important is the charger you decide to use, some float chargers cannot re-charge a flat Odyssey battery, but will maintain the battery I found this out after a 1 year old Odyssey gave up the ghost. IMHO
  8. pljks

    almost ready

    Great pics just what I needed also as a bonus the rack as well. get them on tommorow
  9. Hi I started his topic initially but missed a couple of key points, sorry, the bike is a 1999 V11 Sport the panniers are genuine Moto Guzzi panniers hope this will clear up any questions. Cheers
  10. Hi As a very new Moto Guzzi owner I foolishly purchased some Moto Guzzi panniers (Moto Guzzi refer to them as a lateral bag kit) I now have them, bags look good but there are no instructions lots of bolts etc anyone know about this or can point me in the right direction?
  11. Hi how did you manage to register as a new customar I cant get the form right I dont know what *Cap *Codice Fiscale / P. iva or Denominazione mean ? any help greatly appreciated (Am new to this forum so hope I have done this right)
  12. pljks

    Fuel tank removal

    Hi I may be being stupid but I cant locate the "How to...for V11 fuel tank removal" I apologise if i have just not seen I am new to Web Forums and to V11's
  13. First post here and may be going about this all wrong never mind I am looking for a Moto Guzzi luggage rack for a V11 there is one shown th official site but I cant locate. Sorry if this is off-topic or whatever am new to this and Moto Guzzis
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