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  2. To be honest nige at NBS is the man for this ..... I did a 992 motor I bought from Steve Wesson back in the day I went down 10 points on the main jets on 40mm pumpers ,pumps detached so 150 to 140 mains 60 to 55 pilot jet 13 deg advance at idle to 28 degrees from 32 at full advance I think I set that at 5500 rpm (I just couldn't Rev it any harder) I'm almost 100 percent that it can be done and that those kind of figures will work It worked well ,the bike was a responsive as my v11,but it took along time to get it right .... And a few diffrent strobe lamps too..... But now I have a power commander ........and a laptop ,I've never tried it but it got to be easy enough Interesting to see that the factory does it as standard now If I go through with it I'll post some pictures and so on Any how thanks for the links ... Very interesting
  3. Ohh thank you for the link ..... Super duper interesting read On the breva heads the oil ways are already moved too ...... I thought as much ,the should drop straight on... Compression ratio is diffrent,depending what you read Nice easy project then
  4. ive had a couple of engines twin plugged in the past .it makes a diffrence, im always tinkering so if the plugs fail,....... the throttle response is improved and the engine runs leaner ,also need to be able to retard the ignition advance 4 deg and so on i have a power commander on mine so i can do that raceco used to have the info on is website the base gaskets look the same but the head gaskets have diffrent part numbers bit nervous about spending too much money......ummm
  5. Anyone on here ever fitted a set of 2006 1100 breva twin plug heads to a 1100 guzzi
  6. im a happy Chap Got it back,they damaged the bike doing something not shure what,and dumped it with the steering lock still on,they even put the cover on, strange,i got a phone call as it was blocking someones drive how lucky is that thanks to u all for ur thoughts and concern cheers mick
  7. no just the steering lock and chain... But it was covered up and out of sight from the road, whoever took it wanted a guzzi v11 with all the trimmings. i hadnt ridden the bike for a week as i feeling a bit off ,the battery was flat and id disconnected it. seriously though the thing was dripping in parts,i had it for just over 10 years and rode it most days ,it will turn up somewhere and someone will be offered the parts or the bike as a whole.the speedo shows 19000 the orange pointer bit has faded and fallen off and the trip dosn,t work properly,the paint is faded and bubbled on the tank,it has a carbon tank pad,a cat eye lens in the back of the seat hump as well takes an 18/5 w lamp it looks used not pristine at all keep an eye out
  8. Anyone here in the uk may be offered parts from a silver 1999 mandello v11,6 speed box ,stucchi crossover,power commander,ohlins forks & rear shock,loads of carbon parts nice wheels,etc, all the special stuff,my pride and joys just been stolen, These bikes are so rare in the uk,so i hope that something will come up ,if anyone comes up with any info id be very happy. don't be shy get in touch cheers mike
  9. ive dual plugged two guzzis,a low comp g5 and a 992 endurance lemans the jetting went down from 60 to 50 pilot and 140 to 130 mains at the same time the the ign advace was retarded to 28 deg full advance from 32 deg, static it was 13 deg the bike had much better throttle response and power delivery was smoother,u dont have to change the ignition timimg table but it smooths the whole thing out,it is worth it, the bike runs cooler,and will rev better the 992 revved to 8800 rpm ! in fact the performance of the le mans wasnt far off the v11 i now own,dont be shy its no gimmik mike
  10. hello again for all those that offered assitance thank you,it actually turned out to be the throttle position sensor ! i took several readings off it and in the end although it appered to be fine in its calibration i just moved it untill it stopped spitting back and now its fine. i guess it just needs to be set up where the "sweet spot" is , i havent had to have it adjusted ie serviced for 7-8 years though which is the last time a guzzi mechanic looked at it. Proves that these things are not always calibrated and just left alone. ......a valuable lesson learned
  11. Thanks for that i didnt think to check it was charging, the batterys only got 11 volts its not coming up to 13 volts running either so a good pointer,fuel starvation not.The EFI probably wont run that low, Ill have to get my charger back i lent it to someone the other day typical eh ill get it charged up and see what happens, By the way if that electric petock thing packs up and u get stuck somewhere take the thing off and remove the o ring that seals on the end of the solenoid shaft,it gets u going again. My new post will be anyone know how to test the charging circuit,the regulator /rectifier box seems to be switching at any rate at least i hope so its newish thanks for the tip ill still be on the bus tommorow,but its a start...........
  12. hello i need help, my 99 v11 sport is being a royal pain in the arse,i was headed home from work the other night when the bugger started misfiring and spitting back through the injectors and nearly cutting out just off open throttle .ive cleaned out the petrol tank ,changed the fuel filter and replaced the rubber injector manifolds for new (they looked split,but they never do ?) ballenced up the injectors and adjusted the air bypass etc all ok, it seems like an air leak or weak mixture but i cannot find anything. im kind of convinced its fuel starvation and i found a bit of water in the tank ? any ideas anyone ,can water find its way into the injectors ? the only other thing i can think is that the tps has gone off ? been riding these things for 20 years and had this one for nine its been fine aprat form the usual mg stuff help ...anyone got any ideas
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