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  2. The stock crossover is as loose as a goose. Should this contribute to the "sneeze"? .... We might be talking about different things. The stock crossover below the gearbox doesn't come loose. The one in front of the alternator does, on a quite regular basis what I've heard. I don't know exactly what other effects besides a nasty rattling this could cause, however, as long as it's loose a lot of funny things can happen. Hubert You are right. I must have a screw loose myself. I meant to refer to the balance pipe or whatever in front of alternator. What are the funny things that can happen?
  3. I think you have it about right in your explanation. The HP line illustrates a constant growing train like push to the horizon=good. No real dips or bumps. That's about all I got out of it. All from checking TPS settings and installation of a BMC airfilter (cut the lid off the top too). And a fiddle with the PwrCommander. The fuelling at 4100 could be changed I guess. A bit of a pointless exercise at the end of the day, dynoing it I mean. I would have had more faith if I knew the technician had a bit of Guzzi know-how.
  4. The stock crossover is as loose as a goose. Should this contribute to the "sneeze"? I too cannot see any difference in replacing the stock crossover. Yes it is a mild problem I do admit. It's not a lugging prob either, it occurs on a "flat" throttle, which is only an issue noticed when you are diddling along. Haven't had the chance to look at it yet. When I have spare time I tend to ride rather than fiddle, which is why it has gone on so long!
  5. Thanks for all the above very useful information. I will check all of them out. Some answers: yes it has the standard crossover pipe. no tacho does not flicker. haven't tried disconnecting the PC3, but will now. TPS settings were done by a supposed mechanic-technician last year and "dyno tuned" (for what it was worth) with no real difference in my view following the fitting of the BMC filter. But I got a pretty before/after graph with 91.1 HP on it I thought TPS setting was a bit beyond me. Bugger my mac compuTer doesnt speak to the Power Commander! I've put up with it till now as "character" but know there must be a simple solution somewhere. Bit irritating only. I still bloody love this bike. Thanks heaps for your suggestions
  6. Just been readin the thread "03 V11 runs like crap". In a similar manner my bike has an annoying miss, or sneeze, normally on a flat throttle say at 50km/hr and about 2-3k revs. The bike doesn't run like crap, but it is a niggle I have tried to sort out and haven't got to the bottom of. It's right at the speed you need to maintain through towns. You might also get the same miss backing off the throttle or just getting back onto it when entering corners. The miss/sneeze disappears altogether with an increase in throttle & engine speed. The bike has a power commander 3 on it, plus mistrals & BMC filter. I have tried various settings on the PC3 to no avail. No air leaks on the throttle body rubbers: been there done that. Valve clearances at world settings. Any links here to light technical reading? Or easy fix advice thanks.
  7. The GPS is what I use and is what MG NZ reconmend, oddly they reconmend the full syn for run in then back to the semi. Im suprised so many use a full syn in our old plodders...where bouts are you in NZ? Kapiti. Hey thanks for the answer exactly what I wanted to know. Rather than paying $130 for a 4 litre pack from a bike shop, I'll now go to Super Cheap and get similar at a much reduced fair price.
  8. I've just changed my engine oil and filter. I had 2.5l of Motul 5100 15W 50 on hand so need to go and get another litre to top it up. I know there are some threads here on oil choice (hiding like a sump plug in a drain pan) but maybe someone can answer these two questions I have: 1. OK to mix brands? What if I add a litre of 10W-40 to the mix? No-no? 2. Supercheap have some oils here: http://www.supercheapauto.co.nz/online-store/lubricants/motorcycle-lubes/bike-4-stroke-oil.aspx?id=5602 Silkolene Comp 4 10W-40 (full synthetic) Castrol Power 1 GPS 10W-40 (semi syn) Castrol Power 1 racing 5W-40 Can anyone recommend what to run? I know the manual recommends AGIP 4T Super Racing 20W-50. The others above are outside the recommended SAE but so too is the Motul at 15W-50 I've been running. Look forward to hearing what others run (esp in NZ)
  9. There'll be people here much better qualified to answer your q's about suspension for the V11. Ohlins came out on some variants of the V11 and that might be worth investigating for the rear end anyway. Source one off a wrecked bike if you're lucky. A good front end ohlins would be much harder to source off a wrecked bike though. Maybe the sort of riding you are doing (looking at the road pictured) means you'd be better off on a Stelvio or an older, cheaper NTX. KTM 990???? Just what I was thinking of as the right ride too! I wish! SMT 990 PERFECTO! (Sssh)
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    Luv it! What tyres you running there and what bits and bobs did you add?
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    !! V11
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  13. Took the V11 out on a track day which was a new experience for me. Had about 5 15minute sessions on track. By about the third session got into the groove. A mix of bikes on track in my group. See here for a full line up of the bikes in the group: https://plus.google.com/photos/115106741201952491972/albums/5743809388564998673?banner=pwa A great chance to really open up the V11 and boy it was at the throttle stop much of the time and near the rev limiter. I loved the day! The rear tyre was brand spanking new on the day (pirelli diablo strada) so took some scrubbing in. The track was cold and a bit damp in places so slippery & cautious at first. I've never had a bike on track before so was slightly nervous of what to expect.... I'm going to have to get the fuelling fully sorted on my bike as it continues to choke & spit & fart & pink at low throttle settings. That would be the only thing that wasn't quite right...it doesn't pull smoothly from lower in the rev range, it had to be thrashed almost to the limiter to get some go from it. Or am I lacking 20 odd horses? Might start another thread on this topic cause I really want to sort it and I know the good people here will have the answers. It does have a PCIII and a BMC filter so I'll richen it up and have a play, for now.
  14. People went nuts bidding on it....must make my coffee sport worth $15k....at least its all together never followed it till the end guess it didn't go much higher than $4800
  15. Yes I wondered how that could possibly have happened with the fuel connectors. Hey I'll ship it to the UK for you Note the parts list in the auction DOESNT have a price next to the items listed.
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