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    Primarily a BMW guy, but my wife bought a Breva last year and I needed a MG to attend the rallies in style! I found my first MG, a beautiful Rosso Corsa on ebay about 2 weeks ago. I'm an old guy so first mod is bar-risers this winter!

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  1. I have a "Rich's" custom seat from my 03 Lemans for sale?...but shipping to Canada is expensive Bob rockersbmw@gmail.com
  2. I don't know If we have ouch base in the past, but my beautiful Rosso Corse is still available Bob rockersbmw@gmail.com
  3. rockers


    Is this the same speedo as on your Nero Corsa? E-mail me rockersbmw@gmail.com Bob
  4. Thr Rossa Corsa is still for sale although it is Winter up here. I haven't checked the website in a while...my fault. Price lowered to $8000. Please e-mail me rockersbmw@gmail.com Bob
  5. Beautiful 2003 Rosso Corsa that I've owned for the last 4 years. Bought from original owner. Approximately 9,000 miles. The speedo failed at approx. 7,000 miles. I replaced it with a new speedo the original gave me with the bike, but it is in kilometers - 3,230 kM ( I don't know why the speedo was kM...maybe an order screw-up). All fluids changed at 3,100 kM. Last major services done at Ned's Cycle at time of speedo change out (0 kM). The Rosso came with the upgraded ECU and Titanium Exhaust. ( I also have the originals included with sale. Also the Moto lights on the forks. I
  6. The following came off my V11 Lemans RC when it was almost new Original Mufflers (Pair) Almost New- $400.00 Stock Windshield- $50 Valve Covers (Silver with Red letters) - $150 Stock SS Clutch & Brake lines- $25 Stock Air Box- $50 Don't have pictures, but I can take some, E-mail me at rockers@centurytel.net
  7. I've got a 2004 Rosso Corse. The previous owner and myself made a few upgrades to the bike and I have various items for sale. Please e-mail me for a complete list, pictures, and prices. rockers@centurytel.net All are in "as new" or very good condition due to minimal use on bike. Pair of valve covers Pair of original mufflers Original Windscreen Ventura Rear Tail Rack New Speedometer (kM/hr) Pair of Muffler Hangers Thanks Bob
  8. I have a Ventura Sport rack that I removed from my 2003 Rosso Corsa. I added full H & B saddlebags and rear rack. The Ventura rack installs easy with two L-brackets. Then the rack is added/removable by slip-on and two thumb screws. Rack is in "as-new" condition. Price includes shipping in CONUS. (new price is $250 plus shipping). See link for more info http://www.ventura-mca.com/fitments/Moto%20Guzzi/541-v11_le_mans.aspx E-mail rockers@centurytel.net for pictures. Bob
  9. I have a pair of H&B 40 L Junior sidecases for sale. These have the Moto Guzzi emblem instead of H&B. They have the painted trim which I just had repainted to closely matcg the LeMans Blue/Grey color. These have never been installed on a bike and look "as new" and includes a pair of keys. Mounts can be bought to fit most Guzzis. $450 includes shipping to CONUS. E-mail rockers@centurytel.net for pictures.
  10. I hate to post another "speedo" question..but I didn't locate an answer. Bought my Rosso Corsa last year with a failed Speedo, however replaced the cable last winter and everything has been fine till yesterday. On the way home from our "Fall Color Ride", the Odometer/Trip Meter stopped working correctly. Speedo is working fine so I assume it's not a cable problem. It appears that the odo/tm is rolling but only recording about 25% of the miles. If I go 10 miles it rolls 2.5 miles on both. I know that will help resale, if I ever sell, but I'd like some hints for a cheap fix. Bob (n d
  11. Hi My H & B mounts just arrived for my Rosso Corsa. I just relized that the Mounts are for the stock muffler/pipe setup. Mine had the Titanium High Pipes installed by previous owner. I know I need to install the original bracket for hanging the muffler to fit up with the bag mounts. Any tips for lowering the Titanium mufflers to the original lower positon to make the bag mounts work? I would hate to put original pipes back on. Thanks Bob rockers@centurytel.net
  12. New Black Face Speedometer (chrome ring) for 2005 LeMans and maybe others. This is a Metric (kM) mdoel that was shipped to previous owner as an error. Part number on package is worn off but has a build date of 5/2007. $100.00 plus shipping. E-mail rockers@centurytel.net
  13. Just bought a 05 Rosso Corsa last August. Winter is here and it's time for some shop work. I need to add sidecases to the Rosso and also Bar Risers (I'm Old). Any help on what is for sale or recommendations would be appreciated. E-mail me at rockers@centurytel.net Thanks Bob Also have a good as new MG Tank bag available for the LeMans.
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