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  2. I just sold the Lemans and moved to a Breva so I have a workshop stand available comes from Germany - very stout does require 2 18mm sockets for support barely used costs me about 100 british pounds plus shipping how about $100 including shipping to lower 48
  3. Well kept 2004 Lemans - 16,400 miles Rich Maund seat ( not in current pix),Buell mirrors,needs nothing All fluids changed this spring ready to go - I probably will regret this sale... $5500 Eastern Long Island NY
  4. I'm thinking about making an offer on this bike - but being on the east coast makes viewing difficult.. Anyone on the board know this 02 Lemans? much appreciated http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/mcy/3507910025.html
  5. Tnx all - appreciate the colorful responses It did not take much to convince me that a V11 is in my future - finding one is the next challenge It was because of the engaging quality of my 77 lemans project that made me realize what was missing from the R90S... not exactly a "sewing machine" but "civilized" for sure.
  6. Hey guys first post here I own a project 77 lemans and a 75 BMW R90s and since bitten by Guzzi bug I am seriously thinking about adding a "modern" V11 Guzzi to the stable I have also been considering a R1100s mostly because there are many more around and appear similar in some ways regarding weight/power/etc -- although the looks might be an acquired taste Anyone out there that could compare say the V11 lemans to the BMW? Im looking for more of a sport/touring ride - pretty much what the R90s was -"back in the day" tnx much appreciated
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