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Found 3 results

  1. Hey all! It's been a while since I've been on this forum. I got into an accident on my V11 right before the pandemic started and have been using my car to get around. Now, I need to start commuting on the bike again. I have ridden it a few times here and there since the accident with no issues, then plugged the battery into a battery tender and commuted in by car. Over the past couple weeks the bike would start. I took it for a test ride today and everything seemed fine. Stopped to fuel up but after that the bike wouldn't start. At first, I was just getting clicking noises from the starter motor, but after awhile it wasn't making any noise, making me think it could be a power issue. Luckily, I wasn't far from home, so I walked her back. I tested the battery and it's giving good readings and is now hooked back up to the tender. The fuel pump is engaging, but it just won't start. I've checked the fuses, all good. I am wondering if it could be the starter motor. I've never tested one before and I'm not quite sure how to do so. I'm hoping some of you awesome gurus could help me out in determining the issue. I've been through a lot with this bike (full engine rebuild, accident, etc.), and I would love to get her back on the road. I've never heard of a starter motor going bad after sitting still for a while, but I have a feeling that it's part of the problem. Then again, what do I know? Looking forward to any and all advice the great people of this forum have to offer.
  2. Its been a while since I post anything and my V11 LeMans was running fine but past month I got intermittent no start issues, like when I go push the start bottom all I hear is the click on the relays but that's it. Nothing. It happen to me few month when after I bought the bike so replace the positive and negative battery cables with heavier gauge copper wire for better connections. I replace all the stock replay's with better replacement kinds. I connect a second ground wire from rectifier to the frame to improve grounding. The starter switch connection was rerouted to avoid any binding. At first I thought it was old battery problem its 4-5 years already so I bought a new Odyssey 545 charge it up and still just give a click, no start. The only thing I have not address soon after I got my V11 is something relating to the bank of fuse box. Something about the wiring underneath that might cause problems? I have not been on here for few years and wondering if any solution people have come up with No Start issues? as I need help now as I have a dead bike in the garage. The symptom is gradual, it was no reaction when I push the start bottom but after few tries it did connect, then the no start frequencies become more often, until few weeks ago it just won't start, leave it over night, still the same, change the battery still the same. Any help is appreciated. thanks
  3. Hello...been awhile since I've been on this forum (good to be back - had two V11 Lemans and missed having a Guzzi) and now picked up a V11 Sport Rossa Mandello... Couple of items about the bike; Hasn't been run in about 7 years When I purchased, supposedly a fuel injector was toast - otherwise, once the injector was replaced, should be "good to go" Well, I replaced the injector, installed a new battery, cleaned her up, and tried to fire her up today -- no go. Some observations; Battery Light came on and stayed on -- even when I took the key out of the ignition Did not hear the "gear sound" of the fuel injector/ecu when I turned on the ignition - knew I was dead in the water right away when I didn't hear that sound Lights came on, turn signals and horn worked and rear brake light One unknow cable was not installed/plugged into anything -- see photo -- did not/could not figure where it went and/or what is was for Only one wire coming off the gas tank -- plugged in the only wire (yellow male and female ends) other wire just remaining unplugged Just sat dormant with no response...any help and/or suggestions would be great. Thanks its good to be back...
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