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Found 1 result

  1. Hi people, As I pointed out in the Red&Black frame topic, I added the frame-gearbox connection plate to my 2001 (40.000km) V11. When I did so, I also removed the oil return line (frame->sump) for the welding. As pics say more then words, here is what I found: The banjo bolt is clearly corroded from the outside. The inside was full of debris, which I removed and put on this wash cloth: Note: this debris only comes from the banjo bolt! I then flushed the oil return line using brake cleaner, into a plastic bag. Clearly visible are some hard metallic particles, 2-4mm in size. Another observation is when I drained my sump, there was one very 1-2mm metal particle attached to the magnetic oil plug. So clearly, the moisture from temperature differences, collects in the frame tube/oil separator and causes corrosion inside the frame tube. Aside from metal particles getting into the engine oil (I'm not to worried about that with the mesh filter and oil filter in place), but how about corrosion of the frame tube? Should we all be worried?
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