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Found 2 results

  1. I've just spent quite some time tinkering with a heat shield to isolate the early V11 Sport fuel pump from the left hand cylinder radiated heat. After all the messing about trying to get it right, I thought I'd share the details for the final successful (Mark V)iteration, in case anyone fancies getting it right first time. I used 0.5 mm Aluminium Sheet cut and drilled to the shape in the attached .pdf template (should be overall 165mm x 180mm if the scale is right). I then covered with adhesive heat shield fabric - I obtained mine from ThermalVelocity.co.uk (other suppliers are available). It will protect against radiated heat from the cylinder but not convected heat from the engine. If used in conjunction with a manual fuel petcock (GU01105460) see Gutsibits, changing out the solenoid one, and a properly burped fuel line, this should by some accounts purge my vapour lock gremlins, without having to relocate the pump and fuel filter. We'll see whether it works, if we get a real hot summer - dream on...! Andy Heatshield_template.pdf
  2. Hello everyone This is my 1st tech' post. I am the proud owner of a 2000 V11 Sport with only 7000 miles on the clock. I have had the bike since March. It has run just fine until now bar a couple of small niggles that were easily sorted. When I first turn on the ignition the ECM runs the fuel pump for 3-5 seconds to pressurize the fuel system and ready it for starting. However, instead of the 'clean' whoosh the pump usually makes, my bike now sounds like it is gargling in the priming phase but the pump still works. Once I press the starter button the pump turns on again and stays on continuously while the bike is running. Under the sound of the engine I can still hear the gargling noise of the pump. The bike has suffered no loss of performance but I am concerned the pump is on its way out. There is no smell of fuel from the bike so I am not concerned that there is a leak. I took the bike to our local bike shop: a Yamaha dealer. They more or less said from the beginning they were not sure about fixing it. They did however listen to it and say 'Yeah your pump is dodgy'. I rode the bike home as I did not feel these were the best guys to be looking at my bike though they said they would 'try' to fix it. So, I have a couple of questions which I hope someone out there more experienced than me can advise on: - on the basis of the evidence I've outlined,would you agree the fuel pump is the problem? - if not, what do you suggest may be a fruitful route of investigation - I am not a bad mechanic (just not an especially confident one) and I know the fuel tank will need to come off (I don't know how to do that yet) and the pump removed. I do know how to test a pump though. Who thinks I should tackle the job myself and, if not, who would you recommend I take my bike to in the Southwest of England who is a good Guzzi specialist? I want to get to know my bike better and I have almost convinced myself I should do it! I don't want to botch it and leave myself with a very expensive paperweight in the garage... Many thanks in anticipation of your replies everyone. Though you didn't know it you sorted out two electrical problems for me with the posts that have gone up over the past couple of months. So thanks for that too!
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