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Found 1 result

  1. Hey all, So, mine has got it as well, she is sick. A severe case o Startus Interruptus. After a nice ride, parked the bike for about 15min and wanted to start her again, but all I get is a *click*. The instruments lights dim but she does not start. The Go Winky light is green. Tried jumpstarting her with a car, same result. There is clear load on the electrics, as even the car rpm drops a little when pushing the starter button. Tried so far: - Checked fuses, flipped the kill switch, shorted the sidestand switch. - Rock her in gear to change the starter gear orientation, engine is free to move but no luck. - Checked the ground connection to the gearbox, fine. Any ideas where I should look? Now waiting for road side assistance... Update: also in road-side assistance there are different "quality" service techs. I got the type that grows enthousiastic when his first three attempts don't yield any more results! Second battery on battery + and frame bolt, response varying from *click* to *rrrrt*. He then tapped the starter with a hammer, same result. He then put power directly on the starter, which caused it to crank once and then just turn (which is interesting, without activating the starter relay it should only turn, not crank the engine!). We then started the engine again using my battery (*click*) and a fresh, second battery: succes!! I will buy a new battery, but my questions are: - Should I expect the starter to be past it as well? - Is there anything else in the starter control I should look at, which could cause these symptoms? I read something on the forum but did not fully understand...
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