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Found 5 results

  1. I am selling my most precious V11 SCURA. It is in PRISTINE condition with only 16,505 miles on the odometer. It's has brand a new Leo Vince Carbon Fiber Exhaust, brand new BREMBO rotors, tuned and fueled at GuzziTech. It is #379 of only 600 made. Also has Red Powder Coated rims, CRG Bar end mirrors and adjustable levers, plus extra after market carbon parts. The motor has had some upgrades as well with the addition of Carrillo [edit: titanium] rods. Comes with what you see here +all original parts and an extra stock seat. $6700 OBO/Solid offer. All low-ball offers will be ignored.
  2. I have been talking to Ohlins USA in NC about servicing a rear shock I'm going to be putting on my Griso. The helpful tech there, Matt, seemed to know his stuff. This weekend the American International Motorcycle Expo was here in Columbus, OH, so on Saturday morning I got there early, before the lifestyle bikers, to poke around. Turns out the show was geared more towards dealers & wholesale purchasers than riders ; I was talking to a nice salesman from Pakistan about a gauntlet knuckle reinforced leather glove. When It came to cost he asked how many units & freight terms. Mind you he also gave me a quote of $16.53 for a goatskin glove ! Towards the back of the Hall I found the Ohlins booth and co-incidentally the tech I'd talked to, Matt. It was early & traffic was low & we had a chance to talk. Turns out he's had a few Guzzi's and currently is cleaning up a neglected Scura. As well as being knowledgable about the Ohlins componets that fit on our beloved V11's, he had a good grasp of the influence on Guzzi & Italien bikes generally, of cash flow, Piaggio & Aprilia over the last few decades. All in all I came away feeling like I had found a friend, someone who understands why we love the flawed individualistic amazing machines we do. And another great place like Harpers, MG Cycle, Moto International etc where we can talk to a knowledgeable Technician.
  3. Hello. I have a question as to how often to give service to the front suspension of the ohlins brand. I called an authorized service and they claim every 12,000 km. In the service book I have every 20,000 km. But I have a question because my colleague did on one oil and sealants 45,000 km and just started to leak. I have now 18,000 km and I am wondering. I bought him as he had done 10,000 and probably the previous owner did the review only once at 1 000 km. When I look at them, nothing happens to them and they work just fine? Do you have any suggestions? List for a saintly calm or wait quietly until something is going to happen and let go?
  4. **** FULL UPDATE ****** See Below & Pics Post below (Nov 11) ******* PRICING INFORMATION - SEE POST FURTHER DOWN ************ (NOV 12) Good day folks, Welcome to all who followed over from the other thread, or anyone who stumbled here in need of suspension help. Ok so, a short recap; I've asked a local Ohlins race suspension tech who has built a shock for my V11, if he would consider building a bunch of Ohlins shocks for the V11 and sell as a group buy on here (V11LeMans fourm). The details of what (specs) and how much ($$$) will be worked on and discussed in due course. Basically for right now I need a head count of who is serious and willing to commit to buy a custom built Ohlins rear shock. Cheers, Raceboy (John) ============================================================================================= ******* Ohlins GROUP BUY DETAILS *********** The shocks will be ordered through an official Ohlins Technician and the order placed internally with Ohlins (To O.E.M. MG127 specifications as built for Piagio / Moto Guzzi V11) The shock will be a standard 2 way adjustable (Compression and Dampening adjustments, along with spring Pre-Load) The shocks will be Built / Assembled / Tested, etc. at the Ohlins factory in Sweden The shocks will be shipped to Ohlins U.S.A. in Hendersonville, NC These shocks to have full warranty as offered by Ohlins per their terms and conditions http://www.ohlinsusa.com Orders will be shipped from Ohlins USA to your address as provided when you placed your Prepaid Order - Shipping Charges may apply!! Delivery is expected to be 6 - 8 weeks from time of order (Main group order - not your individual order) The Spring installed will be suited for someone between 180lbs - 200lbs, other springs can be ordered and installed - ASK. These shocks will be ordered with the Hydraulic Spring Pre-Load Adjusters option only Any special valving or other option requests will not be considered - please see a local Ohlins or Suspension shop Cost To Be Confirmed within the next couple of days – Price should be less than MSRP from Piagio (November 12) ********** PRICE FOR COMPLETE SHOCK AS DESCRIBED ABOVE $1,200.00 U.S.D. ********** Price Includes Shipping within Continental United States. Other destinations such as Canada, Europe, etc. will be charged extra (nominal amount) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE GROUP BUY QUANTITY REQUIRED BY OHLINS IS 25 SHOCKS Anyone with a V11 by now may be having issues with the rear shock...leaking seals, shaft damage, etc. This is probably the easiest and least painful method of replacement / upgrade of your shock. As most of you already know, Ohlins was an OEM supplier and were installed on some Guzzi V11's. If You have any questions post here or PM me. NOTE ********* If any dealers are interested PM me ASAP. Cheers, John (Raceboy)
  5. Full Ohlins, Ferracci airbox eliminator, crossover, Mistral upswept pipes, K&N, Power Commander. Carbon Fiber dash, tank cushion, side covers, starter cover, front/rear fenders, seat cover. Polished valve & alternator cover. Custom fender/plate holder and pipe hangers (no passenger pegs). Engine, trans, bevel box, pipe hangers, heel guard, and triple clamps all repainted in matching texture black. An exceptional 2V Goose for $7800. Tried to attach photo- but says too big to upload. Available upon request. dc.cccolo@gmail.com 720-579-3625.
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