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Euro Switch for Grip Heat?

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I just finished installing a set of Dual Star grip heaters, but haven't wired them yet. The switch in the kit is crude in appearance, and would spoil elegance of cockpit. I'm not going th Heat Troller route, as I think it's a bit overkill.


So, I keep noticing that filler panel on the LH cluster, presumably the space a lighting switch would be fitted on Euro models. How nice it would be to use that space for a proper switch.


Can anyone over the pond from here describe or send an image of the LH control cluster? My highest hopes are that the Euro lighting switch is a 3 position rocker, suitable to adapt for grip heat, off/low/hi.


Has anyone done this, or maybe found a nice rocker that can be adapted to fit into the cluster?

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Wow ,must be cosmic. :o

I just installed the Dual Star in my Lemans too! :)

I opted to put the control on the lower left fairing.I belive i can feel the location and not have to mount it on my bars or up front.

I went to my local electrical supply house(I'm a contrarctor) and got a weather proof black switch with a lighted handle.Cost all of $5.65.

Other than the switch I found the kit to work VERY well,and the price is right too.



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