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New Riding Group - British Columbia, Canada

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Hi, folks.  Just wanted to send out a quick note to the forum letting folks know about a new riding group that we have set up in BC.  It's an informal group, called the British Columbia Italian Motorcycle Owner's Group (BCIMOG for short), with a low-key vibe, no dues and no formal structure.  It's all about hanging out, having fun, and riding our Italian motorcycles!  Initial interest has been strong, with many members indicating that this fills a definite need, and we already have over 40 members!  Feel free to check out either our Yahoo group, or Facebook page at the links below:





The initial focus of our ride calendar is on Vancouver Island, but we are encouraging folks in other areas of BC to organize rides and tell us about them.  We'll get the calendar updated and distributed as soon as we have the details.  The current ride calendar is always available at the Yahoo group under Files-->Event Calendar, and on the Facebook page.


Please note that both groups (Yahoo and Facebook) require approval to join.  The only intent of this is to keep spammers and trolls at bay.  Just request to join, tell us a bit about yourself (or your ride), and we'll get you approved ASAP.  It's in PDF format, so easy to print and put on the fridge! 


If you ride an Italian motorcycle in BC, this is the best place to find out what's going on in the area.  Even if you don't live in BC, but think you might get out this way sometime in the future, feel free to join!



Shaun and Mike

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I’m not coming over there, you come here LOL


Griso 1100, 72 Eldorado



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