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For me in central Ohio the riding season now, is sporadic and I spend more time on maintaining my bikes and also learning, reading , watching videos to understand more of the mechanical systems that make the machines work as they do.

One of the places I'm spending a lot of time ( so my wife says <_< ) is Dave Moss tuning. He's on Youtube, FB all over the place. I haven't signed up for the subscription yet, as I want to learn as much as I can from the free stuff before then. So that hopefully I can comprehend the details that he's talking about.

A comprehensive collection of free videos from Dave Moss are at;


The image quality is poor but they are detailed, they explain clearly the subject at hand and , for me, manage to knit together the way the suspension relates to chasis balance, braking, how the bike steers & tire wear.

Worth having a look.

We, as a collective, talk comfortably about engine specs but when it comes to suspension often the discussion covers which brand of shock or fork we've installed but few details beyond that. Hopefully this can clear the fog of confusion somewhat.

Oh yeah, and though he only occasionally mentions it, he's English. :lol:

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