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No GRiSO Saturday


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Just like it says.

No GRiSO. I took the Mighty Scura. I'm really starting to like this bike.

No GRiSO Saturday Img_2011

Nice Thousand S.

No GRiSO Saturday Img_2012

Surprisingly fast Jackal.

No GRiSO Saturday Img_2013

Got out Saturday with a couple of the local Guzzi guys, Kip and Fast Eddie. Weather was calling for chance of thunder storms. No rain on us but it was hot and damp in the morning and hotter and damper in the afternoon. Midwest humidity, I'm still getting used to it.

I made about 300 miles tear assing around South Central Indiana with a stop for lunch and a pint mid trip.

We got turned around a couple times with local road construction, bridges out. I guess it's where some of my tax dollars go so I don't feel to bad about it. Nobody ended up in the weeds which is pretty surprising given that around here the road planners love sticking right angle turns at random in otherwise flowing roads. At least the signage guys are on it with big yellow/black Turn Here Stupid arrows. We took turns leading and when you let Eddie lead you better be ready to move. He's on a Jackal and I was pushing pretty well on the Scura to keep close. Kip on the Thousand S had an interesting first long ride on a bike new to him. He had a "lost footing while motionless" tip over and broke his spark plug boot. Bent the tip of plug, lucky not to have snapped the plug. I was able to straighten out the tip and press the lead on. So far so good. Next, failing to charge. Bike was dropping a cylinder, popping and farting flames. Disconnected the headlight and bump started to make the last 70 or so miles home off the remaining battery charge. Hopeful of a quick fix, regulator rectifier, not stator rotor.

For my part the Scura didn't miss a beat. Turned 40K and running great. Chuck had installed a new rear so I was able to scrub in all except about the last 1/32" of the rear. Quite a bit of time at +100' where at over 110 there was a slight wag of the bars. Maybe I just need to tuck in a little more.

Made it back in one piece, nice day out with friends. Couple more pics.

No GRiSO Saturday Img_2014

No GRiSO Saturday Img_2015

Not sure if the pictures will show up as I've copied the post I made at the GRiSO Ghetto.

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