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  1. Lowered asking price. Nice bike still for sale.
  2. It was good to meet and talk with you guys! And it was a good excuse for a little ride as well.
  3. Still for sale! Just replaced the battery strap as well!
  4. Just to jump on the MGC praise bandwagon, I have had some work done by Mark and he is the real deal--a master at the older bikes. He even rebuilt a G5 final drive for me in a couple of days turnaround. Great service and it's fun to visit his shop and talk for awhile.
  5. That’s good to hear. Let me know if you’re interested when you get into town!
  6. Hello All, It is with sadness that I am selling my 2000 V11 Sport. It's a good bike. It is running well. I just don't ride it much these days and want to clear out some space, and not let it simply gather dust. It's just shy of 13K miles. It has a Roper sloppage pate installed. As well as an upgraded reg/rect unit. I've adjusted the acorn transmission nut and the transmission shifts without misses. Only issues are the Veglia tach indicates wildly and will need repair or replacement (was like this when I bought the bike), there's a leak from the transmission that drips on
  7. I found time today and pulled the tank. The culprit: a crack in the hose! I replaced the pipe, along with the fuel filter and air filter. Took the bike for a short ride, no evident leaks.
  8. Thanks, will do! I plan to pull the tank on Sunday, so I'll find out then.
  9. I tried to ride it! Upon trying to start the damn thing apparently either the fuel pump or hose connecting the pump to filter failed--resulting in expensive ethanol free gas being pumped all over the bike and garage floor. So I've ordered a new fuel hose (hoping the pump is not cracked somehow), air filter, and fuel filter as tank-off maintenance items to take care of when I pull the tank later this week.
  10. Antiquar


  11. It looks quite nice but the price is hard to swallow.
  12. Great info here everyone. Wish I would've read this before replacing my V11's old H4 with a similar unit. Will probably upgrade to one of these anyway! I just got my PPL about a month ago. That thing looks fun!
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