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  1. Antiquar


  2. It looks quite nice but the price is hard to swallow.
  3. Great info here everyone. Wish I would've read this before replacing my V11's old H4 with a similar unit. Will probably upgrade to one of these anyway! I just got my PPL about a month ago. That thing looks fun!
  4. I replaced my V11's headlight bulb. Very exciting stuff today!
  5. No, I'd forgotten about tank bags, having never owned one. Definitely something to look at. What tank bag are you using on your V11(s)? Good luck on that desert crossing. I've got a hydration pak for my Kriega backpack--it's literally a lifesaver.
  6. Today I spooned on a new rear Angel GT. Also replaced the wheel bearings as the brake side was feeling rough. Greased the drive shaft as well. I'm considering finally adding a luggage rack to this machine. I'd hate to diminish the considerable looks of the bike but I could use more utility. Having to wear a backpack really gets old.
  7. The V7 line are fine bikes. They have sufficient power, good maneuverability, and comfort (if you happen to fit the bike). I've ridden some well sorted V7s and they are fun bikes, but don't expect an adrenaline rush riding it. They don't have the high pulse inducing torque of the V11, however, nor the good looks, nor the glorious sound (IMO the V11 is the best sounding Guzzi). If I had to choose between the two it's no contest, really. YMMV.
  8. Great write up. Thanks, Scud!
  9. Antiquar

    Decent Tune-up

    I'd rather be riding than idling! Me, too, but when riding in the city the bike unfortunately spends a lot of time twiddling its thumbs.
  10. Well said, frater LowRyter.
  11. Antiquar

    Decent Tune-up

    Same here. A ~1200 idle also has the side bonus of at least being neutral to the state of the battery charge vs draining it.
  12. I request induction into this venerable society.
  13. Antiquar

    Decent Tune-up

    That's it. 6mm threads. Very easy to strip so tighten down the plug very lightly when you replace it.
  14. Antiquar

    I fell down

    Ouch. Hope you're not too banged up. The period of time getting used to a new bike is always dangerous, especially on a ride that has strong binders like the V11. I had a similar incident with my then new-to-me V11. I was too embarrassed to post here at the time. Left turner didn't see me and stopped directly in my path. I overcooked the brakes and the bike fell down right as I was just about stopped. Bike gained a few small scratches but no major damage. Hope you and the bike get fixed up soon.
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