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  1. All thanks for your replies, I have been away and have not been ignoring you !! Bike seems to be running fine now !
  2. All I am sorry to start a new thread about what seems to be an old problem but I am getting an issue with my Rosso Mandello - after an evening of investigation the problem seems to be that the starter circuit works fine, I am getting 12.7 ish volts at the spade terminal when pressing the start button but when I connect it to the solenoid the voltage disappears and I do not get the solenoid click or starter motor engaging!!! When I press the starter I get the fuel pump prime and the relay clicks. I have bypassed the ignition switch and the problem remains. I have checked the starter motor off the bike and it works fine. if I run a wire directly to the solenoid spade from the battery, I can get it to engage the solenoid and spin the starter motor. I am going to try and run with an auxiliary direct supply in the short term but would really like the bike to work the way Guzzi designed it !! Any guidance would be gratefully accepted.
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