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  1. A call to Harpers yesterday-big disappointment, parts for the tranny in my 03 V11 Sport No Longer Available. Bummer. Anyone parting out an 03-04 spine frame? Part most needed is an eccentric bolt GU01234030. Nice to have the nut (GU92606208) & washer (GU95008208) for it, but I can scrounge if necessary. I'll buy the whole side cover assembly (GU01201691) if I have to. Must be from a later model 6 speed, tranny was updated after 2001.Thanks,ronkom
  2. OK I located & printed out the gear box selector page from a 2001-2002 V11 parts manual, and the same page from a 2003-2004 manual. So I can see the parts I need to upgrade & make my transmission right. I'll check into the "kit" (GU973260900017). But it includes a new cover that I don't need and, if it's even still available will be $$. The pieces to make the upgrade are straightforward except for parts where two numbers are listed w/references to "C1" & "C2". I assume I need "C2" parts, correct? Thanks, ronkom
  3. Other picture of my cover.
  4. BB, I looked again at the old/improved transmission cover pictured back on page 1. The old (unpainted) cover has a boss in the casting where the hole for the eccentric bolt would be drilled and the area around it machined for the lock nut. My cover is painted black & has the hole & machined area where the eccentric should be. A brass plug is screwed into the hole. What does the upgrade kit that Guzzi had include? A new cover drilled, machined & tapped + the eccentric bolt &nut and the "banana" support w/circlips? I saw where it was VERY expensive. I wouldn't need the cover, can the parts be bought individually?
  5. Well DUH!!! The reason I haven't understood the whole eccentric pin adjustment is that my transmission doesn't have one! The hole it is mounted in on the various exploded parts exploded views is filled w/a brass plug on my transmission cover. In fact, the hole is threaded from the outside and the threads are only cut about 3/4 of the way through the cover. The bike is a Sport naked w/a maroon tank titled as a 2003. The naked model in maroon/metallic charcoal is pictured in Guzzi 2003 literature, but in the parts books the naked is only listed as an 01-02. The vin is ZGUKRAKR73M15043 the motor # is KR017166 (KR0 or KRO??) Can anyone translate those numbers to when it was built? Question: I am the 3rd owner of this bike (as far as I know). I know the last owner was into the tranny to change out broken spring(s). Is it supposed to have an eccentric bolt? Could it have been removed for some reason? ronkom PS have pictures as jpegs, don't know how to "insert from URL"
  6. I bought a left-over 2009 Piaggio MP-3 in 2012, NOS (LOL) ronkom
  7. Virginia Titled '05, title issued when bike is sold. I emailed owner to check the ID plate for a build date & correct his ad. ronkom
  8. A "Greenie" naked Sport showed up on the local Facebook Marketplace tonight. '05, 16947 miles, fresh tires, 5K. I worked on this bike a couple years ago, after it had been sitting. It was in excellent shape then, and, from the pictures in the ad, has been well taken care of since. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/527052838636976/?ref=category_feed&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3A4f948d2f-a802-4b87-9258-089f549fb5b9 ronkom
  9. Bike is an '03 V11 Sport naked. The shift spring has been replaced w Chuck/Scud improved version. Ever since I mounted the kit to move the footpegs & shift/brake controls forward I have had trouble getting the shifting "just right". I'm into it for the 4th time. Question, can anyone describe how to set the eccentric screw w/out pulling the side panel? The instruction in the shop manual is vague & describes steps w/the side cover off. Thanks, Ron
  10. The garage started smelling of gasoline (VERY much upset wife!). Traced the problem to the fuel level sensor. Gas is leaking down the wire in the center of the sensor body, so I assume it's bad inside & needs replaced. Problem is that all the parts manuals for the '03 V11 Sport naked I have found on line show the fuel level sensor as a part of the internally mounted fuel pump . My bike does not have the fuel pump mounted inside the tank. The fuel pump is a separate unit mounted to the frame under the tank, and the fuel level sensor is also separate, mounted in the tank bottom (left side), just in front of the petcock. Anyone have a V11 parts manual showing the set-up I have? If so, please send me the part number(s) I need to order a replacement sensor. Thanks, ronkom
  11. ronkom

    HB bags wanted

    Borrowed the picture from a post on Wildguzzi, thanks to source person. Would VERY MUCH like to buy an HB mounting rack/bag set up as pictured. Have Ventura system w/large & small tail bags to swap if interested. Am working on reducing the MB of pix I took of my Sport w/the ventura set-up so I can post to the forum. Ronkom
  12. Did (does) Givi make hard bag mounting brackets to fit our Spine frames? If so, I'm in the market. Hepco Becker is second choice only because I already have two pairs of Givi bags. Thanks, Ron
  13. Thanks Rox, The answer is what I expected, a bummer, but we'll do the best we can. ron
  14. ronkom

    Tank bag

    I like the looks of the Cortech unit, I just placed an order for the Super 2.0 18L strap mount. It was exactly the same $119.99 from Revzilla, Amazon, & Motosport. Thanks for the replies, ronkom
  15. Re/2003 V11 Sport naked, deep metallic maroon tank, charcoal metallic front fender & passenger seat cover, medium grey tail piece & side covers. I got no response to my query re/the medium grey color that is messed up on this bike (don't have any idea what the PO was trying to do). Meantime I've taken the bike to my painter & he says he can paint the medium grey parts the same charcoal metallic color as the front fender & PS cover. He says he can have a match done by the computer at the paint store, but a paint code from Guzzi would be better. Anybody have one, or, know who else I can ask? Thanks, Motresyklman
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