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  1. Ok, here might be a good post to add this. Been playing with a 2000 v11 sport runs nicely, less than 5k on it. considering selling it, not because I don't like it, its gorgeous bike, but because I have difficulty controlling my right wrist on it for some reason and have just had my second finger wagging from a very nice state cop who could well have cuffed me and towed the bike. Not quite as concours as Brians bike but damned nice. Whats it worth ? Still sorting occasional gremlins, speedo packed up about 60 miles ago, and the old neutral light/sidestand chestnut seems to be occurring occasion
  2. Hi Fred, just been playing with my V11 sport, had been asleep for longer. Initially ran on rh cylinder only. Left hand more clogged due to sidestand ? New fuel, pump , gas etc, and a healthy application of throttle over a few miles, and it cleared up and ran pretty well. I now have 500 miles on it, and am still getting a very intermittent misfire on the left, at lower revs, particularly when cold, which I suspect may be a partially blocked injector, stupid me, didn't change the fuel filter, so may be part of the issue. Also, not run injector cleaner, figured new nasty gas may be enough, and wa
  3. Tank on the 2000 I just picked up had been off the bike for several years. It had stretched by 1/4 of an inch. just trimmed a little of the rear of the rubber tank mounts pushed it forward a little. Jim at hamlin cycles recommended draining the tank totally dry over the winter and refilling with non-ethanol fuel, and said it would shrink back. Fits and works fine at the moment. Will see if there are any other issues that appear.
  4. New battery, new fuel pump, new relays, first ride, second ride, third ride. Funnily enough, relevant to posts above, took advice off here to buy omrons, and tried to start it with new fuel pump before I put them in. Could hear bosch relay clicking away, but pump not working put new ones in and all peachy. Took a while to clear injectors out, but a tank full of clean gas and some gentle throttle and it soon cleared up to steady tickover and smooth running thru the rev range, after about ten minutes all the stutters gone. Was going to put it away as paperwork etc, but it was such a nice ni
  5. Thanks Phil. Went with this one, arrived today. http://www.mgcycle.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=2491
  6. Thanks Doc,thinking that way too, but may go for the cheapest option first to keep as a spare for other things.That way I can have a play with bike this week,will see.Interestingly, the bike came with a PC545 of unknown age, the two previous owners had been having major issues with no power. Putting it on charge with a smart charger, the battery looked to work fine, but kept topping up. Left it on and it nearly exploded, blew up like a football. Battery guy tells me that that would indicate a bad cell, possibly from new. The bike, which had been a non runner for three years, started rig
  7. Ok guys, battery quandary for the 2000 Sport. New bike , replacement fuel pump arriving today, and a US wide shortage of Odyssey batteries. One local supplier says he is getting some next week, so do I wait out the week/ten days to take new bike for a ride, or go for something cheaper ? The options are 15L batteries, one Powersonic, one Dekka, both AGM, both offering higher CCA than the PC545, both 1/16" wider, both way cheaper than the Oddyssey.
  8. Ok, 7 years on, link no longer active, anyone got any other sources ?
  9. Hi all, new bike arrived today, 2000 V11 Sport. Low miles, non running ( electrical) . Runs now no idea what the issue is, expect I will find out, but first issue to deal with is fuel evacuating itself THRU the left hand terminal at the front of the fuel pump. Anyone had this happen before? Any idea what caused it ?Will order a new one from MG Cycle in the next day or so, unless anyone has any better ( cheaper ) ideas ? First of many dumb questions until I can navigate round the site better, have a few Guzzi miles under my belt, but I thought my 94 Cali 1100 was modern. Hoooweee. Guess I
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