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  1. Just for a point of reference, sold the V11 to a friend for 4k US. Likely I will be maintaining and riding it occasionally, so best of all worlds. Anyone got any good recommendations for wrench in Connecticut that is good with the electrickery? It,s all up and running well at the moment, but seeing as he is paying and I am coordinating for him, would be nice to get some education down the line.
  2. Just down the road from me, in fact was in New Milford yesterday. Hmmm. just agreed to sell mine to a mate too. Hmmmm.
  3. Thanks Bill, but if I still have it in May I'll probably be keeping it. Get to be a citizen then, traffic infractions may not seem so important. Certainly won't be getting ridden in this . Hows the weather in Florida ?
  4. Took a small crescent out of each of mine with a Stanley knife til tank fitted snugly.
  5. No Docc, not at all. One of the nicest bikes I have ever owned, and thats a few. 3 issues tho. Every now and then, a bike comes along that tempts me to ride repatedly beyond my capabilities, and this is one. Also am something of a luddite, and electrickery scares me. lastly, I have a natural talent for patination, and it will look like a 200k wreck within a few thousand miles. Always open to education and personal development, but ability to do either seems to be reducing by the year. Only advertised here tho, and haven't decided what its worth
  6. on a roll now, so for 80 cx and anyone else, go to the file with pics on it, go to view, click on content. click on relevant pic, right click on it to bring up menu, click on edit, which takes me automatically on to paint click on resize, click on pixels, and redo the 2640 or whatever to 500,then save. Hmm. If I hang around here much longer I will be building helicopters out of the scrap pile. Speedo reading actually about 60 miles low, cos it magically stopped working just as I blew past unmarked state trooper doing 90 so extra miles was slow ride home the back way.
  7. Shiny one would be fine too but it wouldn't stay that way long. wow thats twice in a row now, but with different methods . If I can do it again tomorrow 80 cx , I will pass on my magic secrets. Think go to view on pic file, then go to display and do content instead of icons, then right click, click on edit, and hey presto it says resize. Then you do that and it disappears off into the ether, and you spend ten minutes finding where its gone.
  8. Aha edumacashun. Head hurts now, will try and get some better pics tomorrow and see if I can do it again
  9. Aha edumacashun. Head hurts now, will try and get some better pics tomorrow and see if I can do it again
  10. Jeez, if I could do that, I would compress the bloody pics and post em on here. Can't work out how to do it.
  11. Can't post, says too large to download. can email some if you call and leave message. text no good, as its a landline.
  12. 2000 V11 Sport for sale. Silver. Runs good, just under 5k miles. Not concours but not far off, very stock. New odyssey, omrons and fuel pump. Would consider scruffy carburetted Tonti +cash p/x. Bill of sale only, no titles in Ct for vehicles over 20 years old. Tim 860-482-9215
  13. My old boss would call that bronze welding, brazing being the sucking of bronze into the joint by capillary action, with old fashioned lugged joints. Either way, thats a damn nice piece of work right there. Thoroughly enjoyed that Phil. Gonna have to try and up my game a touch.
  14. Ok, here might be a good post to add this. Been playing with a 2000 v11 sport runs nicely, less than 5k on it. considering selling it, not because I don't like it, its gorgeous bike, but because I have difficulty controlling my right wrist on it for some reason and have just had my second finger wagging from a very nice state cop who could well have cuffed me and towed the bike. Not quite as concours as Brians bike but damned nice. Whats it worth ? Still sorting occasional gremlins, speedo packed up about 60 miles ago, and the old neutral light/sidestand chestnut seems to be occurring occasion
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