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  1. Thank you Doc, and thank you Paul for the PM!
  2. Just bought my 1st MG, a 2001 V11. Paul has shipped me Tekno bags and brackets to go with the deal. Does anyone have installation instructions? Will they clear the rear bodywork?
  3. bsanorton

    V11 wanted

    LOL. I'm used to that. I own 4 Buells and a regular member of Bad Weather Bikers
  4. bsanorton

    V11 wanted

    Thank you guys, I'm a Motto Guzzi rookie here so appreciate all the information and have admired from afar.
  5. bsanorton

    V11 wanted

    Well this has been paid for and hoping to get it picked up next week and delivered from California to Florida. Nice conversation with the owner Paul from this site...
  6. bsanorton


  7. bsanorton

    V11 wanted

    Thanks Doc, the Greenie in Colorado was sold, I was about a week late
  8. bsanorton

    V11 wanted

    Looking to purchase my 1st Moto Guzzi V11 (if it had the single clutch plate, it must have been upgraded with documentation). I'm a big Buell fan and because of that became friends with Jolly (David) who peaked my interest in these fine machines. Missed out on his V11 because of my wife's unexpected medical bills and college tuition. I'm ready to purchase a low mileage mint condition V11. I checked out the Scura in Vegas and it was a big disappointment. A dealer in California turned down my 1st offer on a greenie, then contacted me to say it's still available (but I have no pati
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