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  1. Will the seat fit an 01 Sport?
  2. I'm a newbie to this group, but when I was looking I for a V11 I checked out the Scura at a dealership in Vegas that has been for sale for awhile. I was not impressed with the matte black, no offense, just not a matte black fan. Didn't help that this particular bike was ratty looking up close. yours however with the gloss black and red seat is quite the looker! Good luck
  3. Are you saying I should be looking for a complete setup with the steel flywheel and dual plate? Ouch! I'm not sure I'm confident in replacing it myself. What would a shop cost? Someone mentioned a used steel one on ebay, is this something I should buy to keep when I'm ready to install or have installed?
  4. Oh so the quality of the 'materials' weren't different, just the quality of manufacturing? Maybe I miss understood. Now because my memory is not what it used to be did you mention something about them 1st used for racing applications?
  5. Allman Brothers - Mountain Jam (Fillmore East 1971... just the Duane Allman part) - YouTube
  6. Recently purchased #49 of 300 2001 Rosso Mandello from a member here. 24K on the bike. He mentioned that the materials were different in those single plate clutch's. Crossing my fingers because that is one of the items we discussed before purchase and it looks like he researched it. He bought the bike from his neighbor, between the 2 of them they didn't put many miles on her. The original owner took meticulous notes on his maintenance and parts replacement over the 19 years he owned it. Never a mention of the clutch. Only mention of blowing the 30 amp fuse a few times and replacing the regulat
  7. i have been reading your older thread on this Doc, thank you good stuff. Just a question. Are you saying we would be better off with a standard battery instead of the Odyssey to avoid the 'meltdown'?
  8. Success! Got the correct voltage check at rpm's. Took her for a nice 20 minute ride yesterday afternoon and all looks good so far. Battery reading 12.9 this morning about 12 hours sitting.
  9. Thank you Paul for weighing in! That's a big relief. I also found about 10 30 amp fuses in the tail cubby hole. I guess this is why I was having charging issues. I'll put one in and check the charging readings. I also should charge the Odyssey again using my 10amp charger.
  10. I hope it was an oversight. It would have been nice to know from the PO that sold me the bike
  11. Doc, do you mean like a missing 30amp fuse? WTH! why would anyone pull that fuse? Paul (KINDOY2)? Thank you Peter
  12. Yupper. A bad battery wouldn't interfere with the reading correct
  13. Went out for a sunset ride with my buddy tonight. 15 minutes into it the V11 starting to stumble and as I pulled over died. No warning lights. Would not even click when hitting the starter button. After a few minutes it started to click when trying to start like the battery was trying to regenerate. Trailered her home and got 10.8 volts from the battery. Have the Odyssey battery charging and now she slowly turns over. So you know I was having problems with my Odyssey battery. Today it read 12.8 before heading out. The date on the battery is June 2020. Should be good. I'm suspecting a charging
  14. Let's hope not! I just ordered the L brackets, but got the ones that look a little beefier https://www.ebay.com/itm/Odyssey-Battery-Copper-L-Adapter-Terminal-Brackets-Kit-Yamaha-Rhino-BMW/401458934022?hash=item5d78d13106:g:tjQAAOSw9a9gXRy6&vxp=mtr
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