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  1. Success. Had a bit of time to slap it back together tonight. I did flip the spring but think this was not the cause of the issues. Rather it looks like the shifter might have been fouling on the swingarm on up shifts. Kinda strange cause I never had issues before and marked and fitted the shifting arm in exactly the same place as it was previously but somehow the new spring has increased the action or something. Anyway all seems good now and at least when I do the job again to fit the fantastical Chuck & Scud super spring it should be a breeze breeze 😜 Incidently, I noticed the starter gear and the flywheel gear it engages has a considerable amount of surface rust....is this something I should treat in some way? Anyway appreciate everyone's input, just need this awful spring weather we've been having to improve.
  2. flipped spring: 2-flipped spring.pdf
  3. Ok….didn’t have a lot of time last night but enough to remove the cover, dismantle the mechanism and flip the ‘centering’ spring. Note the third spring has not been disturbed at all. Also checked that the dots on the gears lined up correctly. Honestly, I don’t see any difference in the spring one way round from the other. It’s possible that there are some minor differences in the angle of the legs but hard to detect…..makes me wonder if the spring was ‘handed' as such how you would know the correct way if it was a new spring fresh out of the package? I took photos below. I didn’t have time to refit the case and try the gears, hopefully will do so tonight….fingers crossed. Thanks 1-original spring.pdf
  4. Tomchri....sounds exactly like my symptoms. That will be my first check. Thanks
  5. Thanks very much gents for all your input. To summarise - pretty sure I assembled the mechanism with the dots aligned (1st gear) but will double check later in case it's a tooth out. The photo is with the mechanism shifted one indent to what I believe is neutral and the position when reinstalling the plate. Note the silver marks on the cogs are from when I put a blob of gasket maker on the pins to help me figure out where they should be to engage the slots. There seems to be lines drawn on the cogs by a previous owner or mechanic that appear to correspond to what I think second gear? - each of the dogs/shifter pins were moved to ±15mm from inside face of case to centre of pin (see my foam jig below) which seems to be the only way that the cover will fit. I'm assuming this is neutral and back wheel spins when off the ground which seems to confirm this? Though it's hard to be sure it appears to be similar to the picture MartyNZ provided. - no force other than slight wiggling needed to fit the plate and its fully seated before any bolting. - dry fitting the plate with a couple of hand tightened bolts and re-installing the linkage can only select neutral & first (while manipulating the back wheel). The linkage is not fouling on the starter cause it's not fitted yet. Pretty sure the linkage is exactly the same as when originally removed, I only took off the arm from the shaft nothing else, but I will double check later. - I did check the spigot dimension when disassembled and it was 15mm. - I intend to replace the stock spring that I am currently installing with a super spring at a later date once I have gotten hold of one. Logic seems to point to some issue with my installation and reassembly of the spring & mechanism. However as I pointed out before the mechanism does seem to shift properly through all seven positions (1-N-2-3-4-5-6) when off the bike.
  6. Argh....this is becoming infuriating!...feels like it should be a simple job but alas no! So following my post above I felt that all seemed good so went ahead and filled up with trans oil and reassembled starter etc. Quickly grabbed my helmet for a run round the block to check. But I could only select 1st and neutral (note neutral light works correctly). So back apart again. Figured I must have the selector arms in the wrong position when I put the cover on. However it seems there really is only one position that will allows the cover to fit. I made a little foam jig so I would know where that is....seems the top and bottom arms need to be in the same position...15mm from the inside face of the case to the centre of the pins. Is it possible to fit the cover with the dogs/arms in the wrong location? (Anyone have measurements or diagram of the right position for neutral?). So dry fitted the cover again but spinning the back wheel can only get first and neutral. Is it possible to fit the spring incorrectly and have this effect?...seems to be fitted right but its the only thing that's been changed. I tried shifting the mechanism through the gears with the cover off the bike using vice grips and it appears to work just fine? The linkage has not been changed at all and is fitted in the same location on the spines (marked it before removing). Grateful of any tips/advice. Thanks
  7. Ok...so I decided to stick the spare stock spring in for now and will switch out for the super spring later. I striped it and put in the new spring no problem. My question is with regard to reassembly. Remember my bike was stuck in first gear so it's tough to know where things should be for the box to be in neutral prior to refitting. I'm pretty sure I got the shifter wheels right as it seems neutral is just one 'notch' back from the dot markers on them that I think corresspond to first. I think I found neutral in the box by messing around and dry fitting the cover and checking the back wheel moves freely. Then removed it again and refitted with gasket maker. Before I fill with oil I thought I'd check if I can shift through gears but seems I can only select first and neutral. However I think that this is all you can get in the box without the engine running...is this correct or is it possible I have the shifter arms incorrectly positioned? Thanks
  8. Bobman


  9. Thanks Chuck & Docc, I have messaged Scud and hope to be able to join the super spring club in the near future. Ta
  10. New to the forum having picked up a very nice '03 LeMans a couple of weeks back. Loving the bike but of course a week into ownership and having done just a couple of hundred km the dreaded shift return spring broke. Stuck in first gear but luckily only about 1km from my house so able to ride home. Unfortunately having this happen just a very short while into ownership does not exactly inspire confidence in riding this bike more than a few miles from my house. The previous owner did give me a spare spring but after reading through most of this forum I'm inclined to fit one of the super springs developed by you guys (and grab a spare as well). I'm so impressed by the effort and work that you put into figuring out a solution. Are there any still available? Cheers
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