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  1. How are you dear friends? Here a disaster and one problem after another. We hope for a better world and fewer idiots around. I recommend social distancing and appropriate health protection. Take care!
  2. A very strange season... no snow and a lot of sun...
  3. Saturday, after a long time, I managed to finish my V750SPc and finally be able to drive it. A very different line from when the V750SP left the factory, but after an accident I could not rebuild it with the same aesthetic and I made it "C" using pieces of at least 10 motorcycles. Nevada, California, Benelli 125, Harley Davidson 883, V65C and others have donated pieces for it to come as you see. I hope you like It!
  4. 240kmh on the odometer is really 223kmh because every instrument is out of phase by 7% due to the rule of the manufacturers. yours is also quite optimistic or you don't have the original configuration.
  5. Best wishes and always THINK POSITIVE!
  6. California dreaming...
  7. Hello everyone from the last races in Abruzzo, yesterday it snowed and now we are limited as a chance to get out on a motorcycle ... but it's not all over! 😃
  8. Indeed the main issue is not the license but the way of driving that is going to be faced. I drove in the States with an international driving license but the real problem was the absurd rules (for an Italian) and the presence on the road of crazy people who can afford everything. Cars with only 3 wheels on the ground on the highway and one raised with the hydraulic system are more afraid of those who go very fast. The repairs done with the dutch tape and not controlled by anyone, motorcycles built in the garage under the house with the help of the cousin, the good one, and the smooth wheels o
  9. Every nation has its own rules and laws, so wherever it would be necessary to learn to drive with a different highway code but the world is very strange ...
  10. Fall is here again and we'll enjoy colours and nice fresh wind ☺
  11. A nice Autumn here in my land! And so we go! Verde Legnano rules!
  12. My last summer big ride. Autumn is coming, new experiences are coming 😁 Sorry, text in italian 🤷‍♂️ but open the entire album. Condividere per trasmettere la passione. Moto Guzzi V11 la moto per ogni cosa. {APRITE TUTTO L'ALBUM!} Un giro tra il sacro e il sacerrimo. Ne sono consapevole, e voi no, c'è un tempo per ogni cosa, uno spazio per ogni persona, un tempo per ogni emozione. In questo periodo dell'anno, quando voi TUTTI dopo una estate vivissima e vissuta al meglio delle potenzialità 🤣 iniziate ad accusare la Sindrome da Depressione Autunnale, vi si abbassano
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