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  2. I've found this universal diagram for tackling charging problems. It might come in handy. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=18WZUW3W
  3. Yes. The pipe is required. As tom said, the fuel will drop on the engine, very dangerous.
  4. dabore84

    Almost an owner

    I've done almost the same when I bought my bike. Well, I didn't owe one before and went myself to pick it up. Almost a year later, I still enjoy. Welcome and lots of safe miles!!!
  5. HAHA! I'm not interested in the ohlins, but where did you get the Marzocchi's from? TBH I think a modified cateye brake light is more in the lines with the back end then the round brake light. But again in harmony with front light
  6. A liquid cooled version of the msg01 for the road. A super sport and a naked version. Griso as a power cruiser. Stick with other models and drop the sport and breva. But we all know this is not going to happen.
  7. There was no money in the first place. Just an air bubble. There was no real value, it was imaginary, etc... It was #@$&@#@ up by the people which handled other peoples money, got their piece of the pie and weren't controlled by the government, but bailed out by the same government. It's all a fucking joke. Jon Stewart best moments PS whats with #@$&@#@. Aren't we allowed to curse just a little?
  8. Very nice, I like very much! Too bad I don't have a fairing, now I have too settle with being jealous. I always liked the logo in the 1200 sport and other models.
  9. just today on the news, there was an item about protectionism in the usa, because of the crisis. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/worl...icle5653096.ece The 100% tariff is just one of those measures. I think this is not thought out very well and a bad thing for international trading. Good thing they have removed motorcycles from the list.
  10. Do you always ride with jeans in the winter season and during summer sport leathers?
  11. Can you believe the irony in that? Brilliant man. Also a funny part, when he was strain hardening a part of the engine he didn't have enough water. "going to the pool!"
  12. It's also a check that your warning light is working
  13. I agree. Also, why doesn't he stick to harley and what he thinks of it. Yes, harley is unique, just like every other brand it has it's own story. But talking bullshit about others than his own, tells me more about his blindness and no room for reflection and understanding of the others. Kind like all the religions have been doing for ages. I would also like te fly the Messerschmitt Me 262. Next year at my faculty I will have the opportunity to fly in a little jet airplane (forgot the name, shame on me). The pilot will be dong some maneuvers, looping, roll etc.. And after that, I will have the opportunity to take over the controls for like 5 min.
  14. Yes, I would choose Spitfire and the Flying Scotsman. I like it raw.
  15. 1. Good tires CHECK 2. New suspension CHECK 3. Power Commander CHECK I've got the michelin pilot power, with hyperpro springs and a pc dyno. All very custom, except for the tires. Only thing left now is maintenance.
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