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  2. For the life of me I can't remember the name of a particular repair shop in Eastern New York state, perhaps near Newburgh? Fellow does engine building, etc. Anyone know who I'm thinking of? Merci
  3. GB, keep us posted. I am looking forward to a Guzzi cafe project and threads like this re-inspire! Shhh! I've got to lay low for awhile so the old woman doesn't have a fit! Just picked up a '06 Bonneville with no miles at all on and there's still the '97 Sportster (80") to finish. So, unless someone would like to make some donations of parts and/or coin-of-the-realm I'm done 'til next year! It will unfold here though. You guys have been great while I owned the Naked and I owe ya'.
  4. Wow! Thank you all very much! I've sold my Naked which was far too tall for me and need a better-fitting project but life without a Guzzi is just too grim to consider. Again, thanks very much!
  5. Sorry for the intrusion but the older model section is dead as Kelsey's nuts and my head is spinning from trying to find an answer. Would the frames from Cali's and Jackals and Bassa's be Tonti frames and suitable for pursuit of crafting a classic cafe racer? TIA
  6. Thanks mate! Much better with piccies though, eh? When I took it apart the cable end was in the upper hole in the picture, closer to the center. Suppose I should just put it back where it was, I'm wobbly enough as it is!
  7. Changing my bars back to clip-ons, I needed to disassemble the twist grip to re-route the cable and when I went in to pull the cable out of the grip "scroll, circle, thingie" I noticed a second set of holes the cable end could sit in. These are further out toward the edge of the white plastic circle the cable end anchors in. I put the cable end in there and damn if it doesn't have faster action! Well, of course it would being out further but is it designed that way to give you a choice?
  8. Greybeard

    '03 V11

    Maybe I'll try again in the spring. Until then, happy holidays and have a safe new year.
  9. Think I can get my doctor to prescribe 2 a day? Don't think Medicare will cover it though.
  10. renewing post
  11. I know, I know. Hell of a thing to say, eh? But as time goes on I just can't overlook certain ergonomic realities.
  12. I cut a hole in the end of the RH K&N filter pod, and attached it there, where it senses the temp of the intake air My only concern doing that while using K&N's is the oil. I can't imagine it causing a huge problem but, being 1/2 Italian myself, I don't trust one damn thing about these motorcycles!
  13. Where did you end up mounting the sensor that's in the airbox? First of all I just ty-wraped it under the tank, seemed to be OK but after some thought I extended it out into the fresh air. I cut the sensor off the plug and soldered a couple of feet of wire between it and the plug. This avoided having to open the loom. I just ty-wraped it to one of the frame tubes I extended the breather hose down by the gear change and finished it off with a crankcase breather from K&N. Roy Thank you. I like the pods as well but the ones with the metal intake horns. Then I saw on a Japanese site a battery tray for fitting up under the tank when removing the intake box. That'd work in well for further plans I have if I keep this bike.
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