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  1. df1

    2000 Sport

    It’s more about justifying the purchase of a new “fun car” for my wife. Once the kids are out of the house I’ll buy a new motorcycle and at that point will want a 2-up anyway. I don’t get attached to things, makes it easier to have more variety. Someone else can enjoy this one and give it the love it deserves for the price I deserve
  2. df1

    2000 Sport

    Thanks just wanted to see if there was some crazy exponential appreciation in value. Either way I’ll come out of it pretty good
  3. df1

    2000 Sport

    Oh man, I didn't know. Well rules are rules I guess. Just a mere matter of the $5K handling fee. :-)
  4. df1

    2000 Sport

    Okay, so been thinking... bike right now is in shop to get sorted out after sitting for 2 years (except for occasional startups and 2 short rides). Getting a rebuilt caliper and disc on rear. Has always run well and pulled strong and did so on way to shop, albeit without a rear brake. ;-) But I think I'm going to sell it. I don't ride it enough and thinking of buying a convertible my wife and I can take around more comfortably. My weekends are fully taken up with kids baseball tournaments, etc. for the next several years, so really just no time for it. So what's the market
  5. Thanks for the info. According to guzzi shop the caliper was entirely toast.. rotor also. He sourced used ones for cheap money so we are going that route. Said there was no way to rebuild what was left
  6. Hi. The caliper seized closed. Bike is at shop as I don’t wrench, they can’t find replacement.
  7. Can anyone tell me if there is a replacement for the Brake calipers that I've been told are no longer made? Need to find a solution for the shop that suggested there might be used ones out there. Any help much appreciated. Would need specific part numbers or what specifically fits Thanks David
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