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  1. my first v11 had the titanium kit racing ECU with the PC. it ran beautifully. My current one is bone stock. also runs beautifully (well, it recently had some issues.. but not with the ECU)... go figure. it was some years apart between the two but I can't tell any difference.
  2. Saw this local on CL: https://sfbay.craigslist.org/pen/mcy/d/daly-city-2002-moto-guzzi-v11-scura/7363269828.html not worth that money- but could be an interesting project if one could get it for less than 1k.
  3. Summary: Sudden and intermittent loss of throttle: electricity still on, but all combustion seemingly cutting out. 1. Did this months ago and I limped home, pausing to let it cool then going a short distance. It started to "Huff" when given gas... revving to 4k and then falling off then up and falling again. ruh... ruh.... ruh... ruh. I changed the relays and it then seemed completely fixed. (but it also got cooler and I was not riding far.. ) 2. I took it on its first extended ride and about 5 hours into the ride, as I came off the coast into the inland heat, it started to cut out again on the freeway. first just once, then progressively getting worse until I limped into Eureka. sounding and acting like it had months before. After that it would maybe start, maybe not, and only run for 1/4 mile.. or less. I fiddled with a ton of stuff- but nothing roadside would fix it. at least all my connectors got a good greasing. Ended up replacing the Phase sensor: A fairly generic sensor for the timing. NOTE: after I did this it seemingly ran fine- but I did not take it on a 200 mile ride to find out. Since I was working on it, I also replaced the fuel pump and petcock with a manual version. Subsequently I went on a ride and it had some bogging down issues at throttle- but turns out I was an idiot and did not tighten down the return fuel line. that done- all seems good! But not done the 5 hour test yet! that will be later in the summer or fall. thanks for all the help -
  4. thanks! i found the issue: Me being a dummie. (i'd say something else but keeping it family friendly) When I put it all back together i forgot to tighten down the return fuel line properly. thus the "smelling rich" was fuel leaking! ahhh! well, fixed that and seems to be back running like a champion. I even took her adventure riding on some gravel and old rock roads... handled it pretty well --- if it had some knobbies on it could have ripped it up.
  5. yeah, that is truly in the cards at this point. Yes, new phase sensor, fuel pump, petcock(manual) - I thought the fuel filter would be the no brainer change but maybe because mine is a 2000 or I just ordered wrong. (or it has been retrofitted at some point). problem is I am ia tiny town of only ~200 people so its not like a thing I can just go grab. But gas poured out of it. both ways, seeminly with no problem or resistance. One question: The fuel return line has a tiny vacuum nipple to activate it and I just have it open... hmmm. where does that vacuum line go? could that be the issue?
  6. Hey! Finally got back up and replaced all the parts. Except the fuel filter which seems to need threaded niples/connectors whereas mine was a single unit with built in niples. Fuel seemed to flow so re-used it. Started up and rode off and all seemed fine! New sensor But - new issue. Or maybe version of old issue. Seems to be running rich. Got one backfire. And under high load it bogged down after it got warm. I thought maybe with my fiddling id bound up the enrichment circuit cable but its clear and functioning- seems to be closing. Started it after sitting a few minutes and it smelled much to rich. Any other thoughts? Maybe the load sensor on the right side throttle body? Cheers Josh
  7. I went a googling and ended up in the exact same page from mouser - on ebay an option but from china- https://www.ebay.com/itm/273548275761?mkevt=1&mkcid=1&mkrid=711-53200-19255-0&campid=5338722076&toolid=10001
  8. thanks! The parts arrived about an hour after I had to fly out- But I purchased fuel related parts as well as electronic- can't hurt to change out both. will have to wait till i get back up. got home and fired up the moto morini for the first time in a while...
  9. well she is tarped up and behind my mother's shed - be back up in a couple weeks and the parts should be in and I can take it on. the issue was this time- I was coming up to work on our family friends old cabin so instead of working on the bike, I was battling rat turds and piss after 10 years of neglect- 4 days straight of just cleaning shit. I made one heck of a burn pile for when winter comes. next gonna put in a septic tank, LED lights, (got the generator) need to get a new regulator for the propane- stove and refrigerator don't work- both rat infested so probably just need replaced. , need to get a pump for the creek to get water. the Roof - shingles from 1971 was growing ferns and small trees. so ... got to do that. outhouse has fallen over, lots of rotten logs and slugs inside- makes the guzzi issues seem less serious.
  10. ordered new fuel pump, filter, and manual petcock from MGcycle.. so gonna do all that as well. probably time even if they are working to get those sorted. I can keep the old ones as emergency spares if they check out ok.
  11. heh. i have gone through the cycles of not super happy about it. but I don't blame the bike- mostly me for not properly maintaining it. So its now in oregon in the back of my brothers old truck- which luckily DID make the trip. reason I was traveling up is my mother and brother finally got vaxed - first time I have seen them in 1.5 years. I just booked a flight back to SF as i have to get back to pick up my daughter by tuesday- I ordered a new sensor from MGcycle and the bike will stay here until I come up later in July. I may work on it a bit today but also may just take the day to enjoy - my childhood friend is coming down to meet up etc. anyway, bike trouble aside its a good trip - and at this point coming out of the pandemic--- any experience that is not me sitting at home in front of a computer is actually a good one... even if its pushing a Guzzi down a freeway. at least I know I am alive!
  12. Fuel pump turns on and pumps fuel. Used that to clean the lines of the possibly bad fuel! Sadly i am sending this from the side of the road. Ran beautifully for about 2 miles then just stopped. And back to doing the weird rev cycle. Still waiting on pick up. Should be here in about 30 min
  13. it may still not be related at all- as it sometimes for no reason jsut does work for a while. but fingers crossed that is the issue identified- and partially abated. burned the heck out of myself getting to it though.
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