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  1. yeah on a normal forum someone would have shown up with a truck and $800 and taken it. that said I have been there and given quite a few deals to the next person in line because even if its a small fix... I am done fixing it. It does not feel bad actually- lets the next owner have a deal! Today I saw the Saab I gave away to a dude after the radiator blew and I finally gave up on it... he had an American flag flying, a "for sale" sign, and was driving with the emergency spare tire... but he looked happy!
  2. now I got it: (second time seeing the pic) yes, mine does not have that.
  3. interesting, i just assumed they were stock as they sure look like it at first glance. they sound fine so no complaints! if I did swap i might go CF to match the bike better as its already got CF bits and pieces.. but its not a priority.
  4. crazily enough, its super stock and clean.... and has 42k on it! may not compete with the touring types but for a local sport ride its put in its dues.
  5. thanks! the vibration is not all that bad: the bike was one of those super deals and the guy backed out, then his wife made him go through with it, so I ran down there so fast I did not bring gloves.. then rode it home 40 miles. it certainly tells you what rpm it likes.
  6. yeah I saw your post and was trying to figure out where that bracket goes! I think i understand the issue- its only got the brackets on the rear of the transmission and the front is only held on by the bolts to the engine.
  7. other question: the odometer reset button is missing: I saw where I could buy a replacement but is this just a "shove it in there" or a take it all apart sort of fix? If its a real PTA to replace and they just vibrate out anyway... I may not bother. and in that vibrate theme: heaver weights on the bars? does it help?
  8. and a pic of the bike! a bit faded but not much changed off the floor. My friend commented: "Why don't you want to park your new guzzi on the street" when we were meeting up in west oakland (I'd parked on the dried up lawn in front of the house). I was like.. its nearly 20 years old! PO kept it pretty clean!
  9. Hi: I posted over in Wildgoose Chase and they sent me here! I just got this 2000 v11 sport, it seems pretty much stock other than the added bikini faring. One thing they said over there is to upgrade the relays: but I was not sure how to tell if they were already upgraded, so here is a pic:
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