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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, the odometer on my Cafe Sport stopped working recently. Symptoms were slowing turn over on the dial and dancing speedometer needle. While riding I hit the instruments and the speedo reacted normal but the odometer counter (trip and and total mileage stopped working..). Any suggestions? I know one big cable housing below the instrument cluster routes under the tank.....have not investigated any further yet. Suggestions..solutions? Thanks a bunch!
  2. I have been reading troutman's thread about the ETB speedos, and after searching around for alternatives, I recently found this in the UK (although it will be Chinese) from a shop called Rally Designs It's 80mm and 30mm deep after the bezel. I bought it because it looked kind of OK and wasn't massively expensive, it may be a tad optimisic... It has bewildering instructions, but I think it will do the job (but for how long ) . I have managed to get it working on a bench, and figured out how to set speed which involves riding at a steady 20 Kph and hitting the button!!!!
  3. Hi all. Last week both my speedometer and tacho stopped working. Speedo at Zero and tacho steady at 7000 rpm working upwards. Pointers very fainted. Decided to repair. Removed bezel as otherwise described, painted pointers with red nailpolish. Found loose counterweight in tachohousing (clic-clac). Repositioned counterweigt and glued it. Put meters back together. Speedocable was broken, replaced. Now a happy man...... Photos at this link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/n5y45n8b9itng5f/AABNyYy7UqkU3oagmoOnXoMsa?dl=0 Greetings from Niels Knudsen, DK
  4. Hey guys, Long time no post! Been awful busy riding the 2003 V11.... she's pretty wonderful! I recently had the main ODO on the Veglia speedo quit, so I opened it up to inspect.... the dreaded stripped plastic drive gear. This is crap on a bike with 11,000 miles on it put on by the previous owner in the NW. Here's the busted gear: So after reading as much as I could, I ordered up a pair of new Speedhut gauges out of Orem Utah. It took a few weeks to get 'em, but they are truly sweet pieces. I was able to select the numeric font, face color, needle color, tick style.... you ca
  5. reading through the forum, I was reminded about MPH Cycles in Houston and how they helped me on a cross the USA trip many years ago. I asked them for a speedometer transmission (part no. 01 76 25 60) for my 2002 Scura, see no.5 in attachment. MPH said after checking with MG, the part is discontinued (ie, not available) and said I would have to ebay for it. Can a guy rebuild it? I understand the part is only used in V11 Sport models. Any advice would be helpful. Cheers, James
  6. I recently had the speedo cable on my 2003 V11 Sport fail. I ordered a new one from Harper's and noticed the female connectors were two different sizes (on either end, one small, one large). This leads me to believe I either have the wrong cable or the male connectors (from the speedo or engine) were switched out at some point. My guess is the former... Thoughts?
  7. simaster


    From the album: V11 Parts

    Veglia Speedometer 90 degree drive / gear
  8. simaster


    From the album: V11 Parts

    Veglia Speedometer 60 degree drive / gear
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