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  1. AHH, that is what I paid, plus £20 delivery from France of course!!
  2. Got some at half the price from Pete at Reboot Guzzi spares... Once again an excellent choice!
  3. Thanks Steve, you back on a V11 now?
  4. Hi, I stupidly sold mine a few years ago thinking I was cool and would never need to have a pillion passenger... Well the time has come and someone wants to have a little jaunt, so I need something for them to put their feet on!! Anyone help me out? Thanks
  5. I run mistral headers/cross over and straight through carbon cans with the Titanium map and it runs beautifully, if anything I bet it is a little rich still. Decent tune up, clean filters/fluids etc, sort our your leccy and it's all good!
  6. I agree with you there, my friend runs a garage/motorcycle breakers and sells all the parts on Ebay.. He just has to wait a loooong time to sell some parts, he's had my guzzi exhausts on there for 2 years now!
  7. Isn't it strange that the percieved value of V11 parts is so much higher than the actual price people are willing to pay; Nothing ever sells at the prices people set, I have a friend in the the trade who cannot shift Guzzi parts at the prices he sets, some sit on Ebay for years. I just sold an early tank with all the bits for £70 ($94), yet the frequent asking price for this is often over £200 ($270), even with scratches/bits missing. I know demand isn't that high, but I guess a if you play the waiting game... Me? I was advised by high command that the shed needed to be more empty, ASAP.
  8. Ahhh, can't tomorrow, is that a club ride?
  9. Yes, I got the whole lot, it certainly neatened up under the tank getting rid of the pump and filter!
  10. Finally got my late model tank wired and connected properly, doing the fuel lines was the worst bit. And before...
  11. Thanks, so could it be wired backwards? I cannot for the life of me find a wiring diagram for the in tank fuel level sender. My 2002 harness has white/yellow and black wires for the old sender. The new sender has blue and white wires, it had no plug when I bought it.
  12. Since the sender unit acts like a short when the level is low, it doesn't matter which way the blue/white wires connect to the harness? I went white to white/yellow and black to blue... But nothing seems to happen. Thanks
  13. Hi, can anyone do me a quick diagram of how the fuel lines sit on an internal pump bike please? I've tried a few ways and the best I can get is this: Looking down on the spine, black squares are TBs, the green is the output from the tank and red is return. Seems the possibility for links is endless!
  14. Yup, no electronic petcock here, just the sender connector and the big beefy fuel pump wires. It's tricky to find the opposite end of the in tank Guzzi fuel pump connector, it would be simplest to keep the pump side in tact.
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