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  1. Love the Rosso Corsa, I have one myself
  2. Following a weekend of riding on wet, sodden roads (another appalling wash out of a UK summer), I cleaned the filth off my burgundy V11 today
  3. Sunday at the Mallory Park bike festival (with classic racing) Poor weather with heavy downpours - look at the sky above the Guzzi tent. Good selection of Guzzi’s, a club member was out on the track with his MK2 Le Mans
  4. Mallory Park bike fest this weekend, weather poor with heavy downpours. My V11 in the Guzzi club tent
  5. Another Guzzi Club meeting this evening My silver V11 & a V7 next to a Harley Amazing sky this evening
  6. Last nights Guzzi club meet. Other makes welcome There are actually several other Guzzi’s in the line, but my photographic skills aren’t great
  7. At the MGC GB Leicester area local boozer, a sunny evening for once !
  8. Washed the squashed bugs off these 3 last weekend
  9. Gentle ride down the A60 to Loughborough scrubbing in new tyres
  10. Pete I assume you’re referring to Tony Foale. I must admit that I don’t have any knowledge of whether or not Dr John did ever acknowledge Tony Foales chassis development regarding the spine frame concept I can’t recall Tony Foale applying his spine frame concept to a Guzzi, but I stand to be corrected if he did
  11. RIP Dr John Those of us who love riding the spine framed V twins have certainly benefited from his enthusiasm & inventiveness for the Guzzi marque. Just imagine how different things would be now if Dr John had concentrated on filling molars & doing root canal’s instead of turning his mind to improving the products of Mandello. Frankly I don’t consider 77 to be “old” these days, not when I’ve already passed the 60 milestone some time ago… we pass this way but once, however for us Guzzistas Dr John will be remembered with the respect he deserves
  12. I’ll recheck tomorrow, I’ve run it up to 2000 rpm and the voltage doesn’t exceed 13.9
  13. I checked the charging voltage by putting a meter on the battery terminals whilst running the engine at a very fast idle 13.83 volts doesn’t seem excessive as a charge voltage I’ll go around the various grounds and connections to make sure the contacts are clean I suppose there could be spikes when the engine is running at typical road speed of 3000 - 5000 rpm what do you think?
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