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  1. The liquid is definitely battery acid, and they haven’t been connected to a battery tender over winter. I did some previous on line research and found this wasn’t recommended with Odyssey batteries unless it was a specific type of AGM compatible tender. They have been recharged once during winter using an Optimate 4 (which is AGM compatible) this was then disconnected when the battery was recharged (after around 1 hr) and not left on permanent standby It’s a big concern that this has occurred to 2 relatively new Odesseys whereas another bike fitted with a >12 year old Spark 500 is fine. I won’t be getting another Odessey after this experience, as my trust in the product has gone, so I guess the default choice will have to be Yuasa
  2. Less than 2 years since I installed an Odessey PC545 in my Greenie, i found it has been leaking Checking the bike over today, whilst getting it ready for the road after winter revealed liquid in the rubber battery tray. I can’t tell if the leak originated from a seam in the plastic casing, or the relief valve. Luckily the battery tray did its job and prevented acid dropping onto the frame, hugger etc etc Checked my other bikes over only to find the same issue with the Rosso Corsa - a leaking Odessey battery - less than 3 years old I’ve never in 40 years of riding / driving experienced a leak from a sealed battery. This has really shaken my confidence in the Odessey product. I’ve read various posts stating that the V11 charging system is tough on the battery, but also others claiming that the Odessey battery is durable & very long lived Yet I’ve another V11 still equipped with a very old Spark 500 battery still performing OK and not leaking Any thoughts before I reach out to Enersys expressing my disappointment with what has been very short lives for these 2 PC545 batteries Other suggestions of alternative brands that could be more durable? Yuasa?
  3. There were some enterprising photographers taking photos of passing bikes on the highly entertaining roads around Rutland on last Sunday’s ride out. They post & sell the pics on their website
  4. Fantastic ride out of around 150 miles today to a Buell & Guzzi meet at Sywell Aerodrome. I rode down with a group of 4 bikes; my V11, 1100 Sport Corsa, Cali 950 & a Triumph Tiger 800. My V11 and the 1100 Sport were the only spine frames there amongst the masses of V85’s & V7’s, even 2 new V100’s. The ride pace was “brisk” with many miles of winding B roads covered with surprisingly high velocities for old school air cooled Guzzi’s
  5. Annual roadworthyness MOT test for the Rosso Corsa on Saturday
  6. After spending all of March away overseas on a combination of business travel & vacation, I managed to ride a V11 for the first time this year today, and a cold but sunny early Spring day. Alas, having parked to get a coffee & some bacon sandwiches 🥪 , we were ambushed by this bunch of scurvy desperados
  7. I hate bleeding brakes and clutch. Even with an Ezibleeder kit I can’t seem to get all the air out. Usually end up with the brake lever spongier than the wife’s home made cakes
  8. That’s one monster rack mounted luggage system. Ventura ?
  9. I’m always envious of those living in warmer climates who can ride all year
  10. Love your 02 burgundy Sport Can’t wait to get mine out in a few weeks time when spring is here. Mines been hibernating in the garage since November
  11. Nothing doing with the V11’s today, I did treat the Griso to a carbon fibre hugger, which I was quite impressed with. Easy to fit, lightweight, looks good. Which reminded me to ask if anything was developing / progressing about the V11 carbon fibre pillion seat humps
  12. Guzzimax


    My V11’s, and an occasional Griso
  13. Outside Twiggers Loughbourgh, Guzzi gurus
  14. That’s what I’ve got. Indoor Bikebubble from carcoon. Bought a new one a couple of years ago, and managed to find another unused one on the bay of fleas last year. Got a VMax 1700 squeezed into another one, they come in various sizes
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