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Found 1 result

  1. This is about tires and changers. I have had a slow leak in my EV’s front tire. “Slow” as in flat in a week. I failed in finding a nail, etc., and, after consulting my texting brain trust, pulled the wheel, and gave it a bubble bath in the utility sink. Found a stretch of several inches of faint air going AWOL. I then watched a bunch of youtube vids and, again, consulted my virtual enablers, all of whom said “go for it, Bill.” Well, I did, but now think they just wanted the post-disaster entertainment. So, after thinking about Dirty Harry’s admonition, I gave up. This is the rest of the story of (what Kathi calls) “Bill’s Dramatic Tire-Changer Saga.” I would be more offended, but she is so indulgent, and goes uncomplainingly along with my Guzzi disease. Besides, she’s right about my seemingly endless agonizing, so what can I say? OTOH, her smiling and amiable reaction to my various harebrained schemes and purchases is somewhat troubling, but I try not to think about that! But, finally, to cut to the chase, I pulled the trigger on a No-Mar tire changer and a few doodads. I declined to go for the wheel balancer, as it seemed a bit gold-plated, and will, instead, get a Harbor Freight model, no doubt manufactured from melted down U.S. Army tanks from the Korean War! As with Kathi, I try not to think about that, either. Here’s what I ordered: https://www.nomartirechanger.com/tc-ch100hd-plus.html Here’s the WB I didn’t buy! https://www.nomartirechanger.com/motorcycle-wheel-balancer.html Here’s the HF I did: https://www.harborfreight.com/motorcycle-wheel-balancing-stand-98488.html I know that the tire-changer makes no real fiscal sense when I run the numbers of tires ahead in my riding life. But, that is, IMO, irrelevant as we are, after all, talking about motorcycles. As another Guzzista said to me, "Bill, if you try to make economic sense out of motorcycle stuff … you are on a fool's errand.” I look forward to learning how to use this gizmo. If in the neighborhood, using it might cost you a bottle of better bourbon or lesser grappa … and letting me watch so I learn. The EV will be first in the chute, but then the Stornello. The Griso will just kibitz this season. 1921 - 2021 Bill
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