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Found 12 results

  1. I am selling my most precious V11 SCURA. It is in PRISTINE condition with only 16,505 miles on the odometer. It's has brand a new Leo Vince Carbon Fiber Exhaust, brand new BREMBO rotors, tuned and fueled at GuzziTech. It is #379 of only 600 made. Also has Red Powder Coated rims, CRG Bar end mirrors and adjustable levers, plus extra after market carbon parts. The motor has had some upgrades as well with the addition of Carrillo [edit: titanium] rods. Comes with what you see here +all original parts and an extra stock seat. $6700 OBO/Solid offer. All low-ball offers will be ignored.
  2. Ok so it's pretty obvious my clutch is worn. Looking for a rebuild kit for a basic 2000 v11 sport. Anyone got opinions? What additional maintenance should I do while in there? This bike has ~30Kmi on it. No current leaks or other issues but I'm open to suggestions.
  3. Looking for a V11 Sport timing cover (the one with the bosses), if anyone has one...
  4. I have about 200 miles of seat time on my V11 Sport, and i love it, but it is still in GA at a buddy's house. I put the Hepco & Becker hard bags on it, road about 100 miles with them this weekend, I did not have much in them, but really did not notice them. My questions are about the modifications to this bike, a previous owner made some changes, or what I think are changes, and I just want to know about them. He removed the steering stabilizer and there were a few times this weekend I thought it would have been good to have. Any opinion on the removal? Any idea where to get one? The bar conversion was done, I really like it, but just wondering what brand it is and if I can get a throttle lock to fit it. Is this the original seat? It did well, but after about 2 hours, I needed to move around to get my butt to wake up. Not bad at all, just more an FYI question.
  5. Hello all! I need to check the timing on my 2003 V11 Sport, but I don't know where to find the appropriate dial gauge support. Does anyone know where I might be able to find one? Also, can anyone recommend a good dial gauge, as well? Thanks in advance! --Ted
  6. Hey all, It's been a while since I've been on the forum. Over a year ago, one of my conrod bearings gave out and messed up my crank. All has been repaired, and I am now, finally, reassembling. I ran into a hiccup, though: the manual I have doesn't give the torque specs for the connecting rod bolts. Does anyone know what the specs are? Thanks in advance. --Ted
  7. Hey all! I will need to remove the engine of my 2003 V11 Sport to get the crankshaft out. The bearings went out in one of the connecting rods, and it marred the crank pretty badly. I know it won't be an easy task, but I plan to do the work myself. Could anyone tell me what special tools I will need for the engine removal, and all the way down to the the crankshaft? I have a pretty good idea of what I will need, but I would feel more comfortable hearing from someone that has already gone through this process. Thanks in advance!
  8. Two weeks ago I started having issues with my 00 v11 sport. It would not start. My bike sits outside with a cover, we had a big rain and I figured there might be something wet. So I let it sit for a couple of nice hot dry days and voila, it fired up, with a bit of effort but it did. After that it would not fire up unless it was sitting in the sun for a while, so I figured maybe the humidity and cooler morning weather was creating some kind of short in a wire or something. So I would just wait and then ride. After a week the bike seemed to be normal again. I rode it a three days ago and in the middle of the ride it started bogging down, giving it gas would not accelerate and finally when I would hit the clutch it would die. Parked on the side of the road, waited 10 seconds or so and it would fire back up right away like nothing ever happened. This happened two days in a row, once per hour ride. We had another rain yesterday and it got a bit wet while it was outside when I was at a friends house. It has not been able to start since. The strange thing is: it turns over and I have the clutch in and cut off switch off so the basics are covered. The pump comes on. The battery is fully charged. I have new spark plugs. The K&N air filters have been cleaned and oiled recently, but I tried with these off and still nothing. The bike had a power commander but I took it off so it's back to standard and it did run while it was off. Bike riding friends and a couple bike shops (who don't want to touch guzzis) said it could be a wire shorting out or water in the fuel filter or the tank. Has anyone experienced this before? Suggestions from symptoms?
  9. Center Stand - Early Frame 2000-2001 (Teo Lammers?) $150 + shipping I'll include the matching front support so that you can store the bike with both tires off the ground. I don't believe they are available any longer. I've seen installation instructions posted by Greg Field on this forum. Note: New they were $249 from Moto International per V11Lemans forums. Throwing in the matching front support to sweeten the deal. If you think the price is too high, let me know... I won't get mad.
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