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  1. How did the fix work on the turn signals? Seems like the would be some universal ones that would work. Finally got started on my tuning work, only a few runs so far, pretty rich, saw some AFR in the 10's and 11's cruising on flat ground around 4k. I'm running the Mistral front and center sections on mine, made some significant differences on balance from left to right.
  2. Good roads, if you can connect Shady Valley, TN to Hwy 58 to Back of the Dragon, you will have a great day of riding.
  3. I am running Avon Trail Riders on mine, probably more of a 90/10 tire, but I am looking for a slightly more off road tire, just to offset my lesser off road skills. I love my Quota, a knee injury (from my V11 wreck) is why I found a Quota, my right knee just doesn't bend like it used too. Very comfortable and upright, it makes a good sport touring machine. I'm 6'2" and am very comfortable on it. I'm interested to know if yours has the 4k rpm switch, engine power and smoothness is much better when at 4k rpm or above.
  4. Congrats on the red Quota, I love mine, had it for several years, really enjoy it for blue hwy rides, I have not done a lot of interstate riding on it, so I kid my friend I do trips with about actually making it to 5th gear. I have done mostly TN, VA, West VA and Ohio. Let me know what you think of the Dunlops, I have been considering those for my next set.
  5. I've had my Quota a few years and done a few 1,000 mile trips on it. I added Happy Trails hard luggage to it. It is a great touring bike, very comfortable and fun. The least happy part of the bike is the FI system, it was an early FI system, but oddly it is 100% throttle position sensor system, no AFM or MAF or MAP sensor, so doing an initial tps adjustment is a must. The odd part riding is the 4,000 rpm switch, below 4k, not much power/torque and not smooth, above 4k, smooth and power. When I dug into the .bin file, the bike was programmed with very little ignition advancement below 4k, from memory it went from 17 degrees btdc at 3,600 to 30 degrees btdc at 4,000. I looked at a V11 map it it was much more linear. I made some changes and had good results, I've also leaned out the fuel some, to improve fuel mileage and increase plug life. I have purchased a dual channel wide band O2 sensor/ data acquisition setup, my winter project is to get this installed on my Quota and improve my FI map, mainly looking for better mileage, plus I enjoy playing with fuel maps.
  6. Yes, if you need to move this to the proper place, please do, just having issues finding someone to work on any Weber Marelli system.
  7. Doc, I believe it is a 4c, but not sure, I'll keep researching.
  8. Not sure Doc, it is an IAW, I look and figure it out. I think there are some internal issues with it, so replacement of parts, it randomly turns off momentarily, traced every wire back to ecu, cam and crank sensors are new, grounds and power are good, when fans turn on the miss gets worse, but voltage is 13.8 at idle and drops 13.5 when fans come on. Starting is an issue, if the tach does not jump when cranking, it won't start. Tested it with timing light, light stops when engine misses, test both coils and they pass. I have a used ecu coming to make test to make sure.
  9. Any know of a person or company that will rebuild Weber Marelli ECU/ECM? Not necessarily for a Guzzi or motorcycle. Having issues with an ignition ecu, having trouble finding anyone to look at it.
  10. Not sure I can (or want to) fab a tow hitch for the GTV6, think I could shoe horn this into a spine frame? (Too much for a Tech session?)
  11. If you find yourself in NE Tennessee, swing by and we can take mine out, I need a good excuse to drive it more. I wish today's engines were pretty as Busso V6.
  12. Ridgewood is the best around here, down a little back road in the middle of nowhere.
  13. South East Ohio has some great roads, we did some of the Zanesville rides, won't be anything like the Dragon, but fun, just do the south of Zanesville rides. West Virginia is another ride rich state. Bristol TN/VA is another good area, 421 to Shady Valley and Mountain City is an excellent road.
  14. After cranking awhile, pull the plugs and see if they are wet, if dry, then you have a fuel issue, which could be pump, regulator, injector, etc.
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