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Kineo spoke roms from Ghezzi & Brian

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(this is all the info I got. If you want prices or weight of the rims, please contact Brian Saturno.)




Brand specialized in bike tuning and Special bikes powered by Moto Guzzi, Ghezzi-Brian is glad to start 2011 with a new line of products: Kineo spoke rims for tubeless tyres, ready to install on the models Stelvio, Griso, Sport 1200, Breva, in every their versions.


These rims have been designed for use with tubeless tyres. They are based on the very advanced technology of “not drilled rims” thereby increasing safety.


In addition to this, the assembling quality of spoke rims for tubeless tyres is particularly high, which leads to outstanding performances and riding feelings never experienced before.


The Kineo wheel is the perfect combination, thus covering the advantages of spokes and alloy wheel.

- Rigidity and flexibility, lightness and strength, reliability maintenance, price and quality, the advantages of this special and incomparable wheel.

-the rim is rigid in the center and more flexible on the sides, so better handling for the bike and more feeling for the rider

-the rim is not drilled because the spokes are fitted inside the rim on special sites. Thanks to this solution the tubeless system is definetly the same of an alloy wheel.

- the spokes do not need any registration or setting because of the special nipple system

- the wheel is light, yet resistant to shocks and stress

- best ratio between quality and price for an italian production made by a pool of industries

- best flexibility for the chromatic combinations

- TUV homologation

- no modifications required for installation





Rims are produced from a billet, and using a new process which allows to use a 7000 alu. class, with its extraordinary features.

Final production stage goes through CNC finishing work.

Rims are with no holes at all and the assembly of spokes and nipples brings to an automatic alignment of same components referred to same rims; a natural balancing is so achieved simply by locking the single parts together with the rims.

Colours available: Titanium, Magnesium, Black, Silver



Spokes are high resistance stainless steel ; 28 units for the front wheel; 32 units for the rear

one, and they are perfectly straight so to distribute the load in an ideal way.

Locking is done simply by using a classic Torx wrench. Possible replacement of one or more spokes is very easy and is done without removing the wheel from the bike and the tyre from the rim.



Nipples design is main innovation of KINEO tubless wheel.

These components are installed on the rim in a parallel position to wheel axe, with no need of any through hole on the rim.

Colours available: Titanium, Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Gold, Orange



Hubs are produced from a forged of 7000 alu class. The rough forged has a geometry which is very close to final configuration and this allows to spread the material fibers in their best way, for a very high resistance to stresses.

Final production stage goes through CNC finishing work.

Colours available: Titanium, Magnesium, Black, Silver



The Kineo brake disc carrier allows the original braking system to be used). A series of two disc carriers for the front wheel and a single disc carrier for the rear wheel allow easy assembly of the original braking discs with no need to make additional modifications on the bike.

When this equipment is installed, even the ABS system sensor can be assembled as originally designed.




The Maxi 17 and Big Enduro rear wheels are equipped with a specific 8 pins cushion drive which is completely external to the rear wheel hub. This feature is entirely indipendent of the wheel and has a double bearing to hold the radial charge induced by the chain shot. In this way the wheels needs only two bearing and maximizes mobility.

The rear drive transmission shocks are reduced by 8 silent-block.



Via Vivaldi,20

23873 Missaglia (LC)


Cell. ++39 348 3109784

Fax. ++39 039 9200806


e-mail: b.saturno@promo.it

KINEO 10.jpg

KINEO 15.jpg

KINEO 12_l.jpg

KINEO 11_l.jpg

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Nipples design is main innovation of KINEO tubless wheel.

These components are installed on the rim in a parallel position to wheel axe, with no need of any through hole on the rim.

They had me scratch my head there - until I realised they are not talking about the valve stems :lol:

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I have them for my 2008 MG 1200-SPORT, well made superb craftsmanship. However be fore-warned, customer-service; if you have a problem is practically non-existent, slow and unresponsive. (don't-ask-me-how-I-know). The wrong dimensioned front-wheel-axel-spacers included with the wheels will not center the wheel; that is following the directions and mechanical-drawing. Reversing them (incorrectly) only shifts the unequal spacing, to the other-side. After spending a princely-sum for these wheels, I'll be looking at some machine-shop-time. If you live out-side the EU, it seems the KINEO company has little incentive to be of any help.

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