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Heat Shield for under-spine fuel pump

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I've just spent quite some time tinkering with a heat shield to isolate the early V11 Sport fuel pump from the left hand cylinder radiated heat. After all the messing about trying to get it right, I thought I'd share the details  for the final successful (Mark V)iteration, in case anyone fancies getting it right first time.


I used 0.5 mm Aluminium Sheet cut and drilled to the shape in the attached .pdf template (should be overall 165mm x 180mm if the scale is right). I then covered with adhesive heat shield fabric -  I obtained mine from ThermalVelocity.co.uk (other suppliers are available).


It will protect against radiated heat from the cylinder but not convected heat from the engine.


If used in conjunction with a manual fuel petcock (GU01105460) see Gutsibits, changing out the solenoid one, and a properly burped fuel line, this should by some accounts purge my vapour lock gremlins, without having to relocate the pump and fuel filter.


We'll see whether it works, if we get a real hot summer - dream on...!





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After 3 weeks of decent weather, this heatshield seems to have made quite a difference just by itself. Still waiting on the manual petcock though...


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1st August was the hottest day of the year so far 32+ deg C (~90F) went into London for a dentist's appointment on the V11: I was sweating buckets and the bike was plain grumpy at lights etc. In my book, this should be a surefire recipe for vapour lock after 15 -30 minutes downtime.


Teeth fixed, I came out and expected it to embarrass me, but it started up and just went, no trouble: no blatting, coughing, farting, starter whinnying etc. the usual stuff I've come to expect.


May be wishful thinking, but the heatshield has undergone its toughest test.


Still waiting for the manual petcock ...



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Hey AndyH,

this is really great and most useful info: you're telling the story of what I lived with my "early" Guzzi V11.  You didn't have any more vapor lock since .... ? If you are still reading this forum ... would you be so kind to share with me the pdf of this heat shield ... , I can't open it via this site: jan.dhaeyer@gmail.com  .

Tx in advance,


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