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Top Triple Clamp Removal - V11

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20 minutes ago, hammershaug said:

Good to hear! I guess you have great access to bolts at your workplace:)

A friend of mine worked at SAS for many years doing heavy maintenance on the SAS fleet, and they discover some ugly things due to the combination of titanium, aluminum, and SS.

No not really I pay for all my fasteners. Aircraft fasteners generally aren't that usable on bikes. If he's having that sort of trouble on primary structures in HM then its down to poor maintenance. I've done plenty of time in the HM environment and the galley and toilet areas and the cargo bilges are always a corrosion issue but not because of dissimilar materials. It's generally poor line maintenance, such as ignoring seafood spillages in cargo holds and carrying horses in unsealed boxes etc. As I said the aircraft designers are generally on top of dissimilar materials issues and have effective processes in place to mitigate them by and large its generally poor sketchy field maintenance that's the issue. 

Motorcycles live in a far friendlier environment to commercial jets and unless you are a complete zero maintenance moron corrosion shouldn't be any sort of an issue.


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